How To Get Through The Day

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F stands for failure,
but ignore it.
Keep repeating to yourself
that you're going to be just fine
and if anyone says otherwise,
cover your ears

Clench your fists, grit your teeth,
and dig your nails into your flesh, but
don't let them know that
they're liars or scum because
they will tear you
to pieces

Instead give them smiles
just wide enough
and nod your head
and pretend you care
when you damn well don't

Cover up the trash you are
with white lies and false statements,
pretty-sounding words,
good grades, and
fake smiles

Don't ask yourself
who you are
and don't ask yourself
why you are here
and pretend that you know
what you are doing

Tell yourself that you are
not a fake star.
Tell yourself that you
can keep promises.
Tell yourself that falling apart
is just a part of life.

And don't ever
open your eyes
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Captured the feelings perfectly <3
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That was amazing ^^
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You're welcome! ^^