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I am always listening
to the sound the world makes
when it turns, pressing my
bare feet against its soil and
counting the number of times
my heart beats beneath my skin

It's so strange to me that
other people don't feel so much,
they don't become engulfed
with the blueness of the sky or
swallowed by the sadness
of words that were never said or
lay on the floor and look in wonder
at their hands and legs and feet,
the veins and capillaries and arteries
and bones and muscle and cells all
working together to keep them alive

Every cell in my body,
every breath, every fiber of my being
wants to belong to this ridiculous,
crazy place called Earth, but I feel so alien here,
like a fish that can't breathe underwater, I
am constantly suffocating
on oxygen

Even still, I'm trying my hardest, so
please, please let me
make this my home
"I don’t know where I’m going, but I’m on my way."
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"swallowed by the sadness
of words that were never said"
am constantly suffocating
on oxygen" 
I really love these lines : o
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*cough* Peridot *coughcough* Lapis Lazuli