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I am singing at the top of my lungs
and laughing until I cry,
and even when there are bruises
on our hearts, somehow the
black and blue form galaxies, somehow
car headlights can light up my eyes,
somehow even though I'm struggling,
it all feels worthwhile

The world is full of starlight and pain,
airplane trails, tangled complexes, crosswalk scrapes,
but when I walk down the streets at night,
all I can hear is the sound of
my own footsteps, one, two, one, two,
and it's comforting
that in the end nothing really matters
but the sound
of my own

Sometimes I have to give up
precious things for the sake of more precious things,
but my heart is not broken,
the papercuts sting, but I know that I
have made the right decision when I hear the sound
of he and I still laughing together, when I am
dripping with sweat under the sun, when
the classroom is full of chatter
and laughter

It's 3 AM,
I am singing at the top of my lungs
and my heart is singing too
The night is still young
and even though another year has passed,
so am I

I'm growing more day by day ♥
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Happy Birthday my friend Great poem!
WindFragments's avatar