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The flickerbird witch



First fanart of my life, actually. *looks surprised*

It's Jimboly, of Frances Hardinge's "Gullstruck Island" ("The Lost Conspiracy" in the US) - a truly amazing book I can only recommend to anyone who loves a good story and a great fantasy world!
Well, at least it's how I imagined Jimboly, the crowd witch and tooth puller, - and how it came out with my limited skills. But I'm not completely unsatisfied, especially as I haven't got any experience whatsoever with landscapes, and that turned out tolerably well, too, although I was expecting to mess up the drawing entirely when I startet with the background. ;-)

Her face is completely assymetric, although I already tried to repair that a little in Photoshop, and don't look too closely at her feet and the foreground in general. *roll eyes*

Any suggestions how I could improve are very welcome!

I also uploaded a detail of her face.
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I really like her smile. It looks like she is planning more "moppings" of unsuspecting Lace towns. Is that Sorrow and the King of Fans behind her?