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Just a reminder, if you would like a mask in time for Halloween, I need to get your order ASAP! I can get it done in time, but I need time to actually make the mask (and inevitably, I always get those last-second orders and then I'm up all hours to make them D: ).

If interested, please send me a note or comment here!

I'm heading to the Czech Republic in a couple of weeks to attend the Opočno Falconry Meet! This is a trip my roommates (who are falconers) and I decided to make because we have other friends attending and figured, why not? How often will this opportunity come up?

I'm trying to raise a bit of money for the trip, so I'm offering 20% off everything in my Etsy shop! I added a bunch of leather feather jewelry that didn't sell at DragonCon, so there's a bunch of new stuff in the shop. Also as always, a good selection of prints, and a few originals and masks.

Check it out here -

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On the off chance anyone going to Anthrocon didn't see my journal on FA about preorder conbadges, I'm posting it here as well :)

First off, all simple toned paper sketch commissions are DONE! If you commissioned me and did NOT get a note with a scan of your finished commission, please contact me. It's possible I simply forgot to add your commission to my to-do list.


Due to getting older and not being a huge fan of staying up until 3:00 am, I'm going to try to limit my at-Anthrocon watercolor badges to much fewer than I've done in the past. If you'd like one, please consider ordering one before the con, so I can take my time at home in the weeks before the convention and have them ready for pickup on Friday morning.

Details: Conbadges are full-color watercolor, about 4.5 X 6 inches and come in a clear badge holder with a clip. They are $50 for a preorder badge (will be more expensive at the con).

If interested, please note me the following information:

• Bust or Full Body
• Name on badge (if any)
• Landscape or Portrait format (if you have a preference)
• Any additional details

I will then send you confirmation if I can take your badge, and a Paypal invoice.

You can see examples of previous watercolor conbadges here:… (one is a toned paper badge, but all the color examples are watercolor)
I wanted to let everyone who commissioned me for a simple toned paper sketch - I have not forgotten about your commission, and I am working on catching up on them! :) I wanted to give you all an update, since some of you have been waiting over a month (and I'm super sorry about the wait). I am planning on sitting my butt down and working on these, so expect to see a whole bunch of sketches uploaded!
February was super slow and as a result, I'm in a bit of a dire pinch with bills this month, so I'm opening up for simple toned paper sketches again. These are $40, free shipping! Here are some examples:

Simple Toned Paper Sketches - Batch 2 by windfalcon Simpled Toned Paper Sketch Commissions - OPEN by windfalcon Goshawk Gryphon and Magpie by windfalcon Nest - Sketch by windfalcon

If interested, comment here or send me a note with:

• What you'd like, with refs (if available) or a description
• Gray or tan paper
• Preference for pose, etc

Thank you!

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Oh boy!

So my notifications have been blowing up for the past few days, thanks to some...weird algorithm on Deviantart that took a piece of mine from fourteen years ago and plopped it up on "What's Hot" on the front page. Which piece of mine? That Mary Sue: How to Tell piece, of course! Beloved and hated by children and adults alike, the piece that just won't die and comes back every so often to remind me of the sort of stuff I was drawing back in my freshman year of college.

So, with the comments I have discovered a few things:

Apparently people think my Mary Sue thing was the 'first' Mary Sue 'guide', or 'the one that started it all'.  No, no my friends, It was not. I drew it because I was seeing a lot of Mary Sue stuff online, in quizzes, etc. Man, remember online quizzes? Sites like Quizilla? If not, you might be too young.  Which brings me to...

• People commenting that my picture is older than them.  Guys, you're killing me. I'm not that old, I'm only 32! Meaning I was 18 when I made that piece...oh god I am old. How have I done art older than people on this site??

• Lots of unfortunate people posting lengthy posts which...sorry people...I haven't read any of them. If your comment on that piece is longer than a sentence or two, my brain automatically files it as "long question/rant/description of someone's character asking/proving/describing if they're a Mary Sue or not, and I just...X it out and don't read it. I'm sincerely sorry if you're passionate about this subject and want me to read your thoughts/ideas/questions but I've already decided I'm not getting involved with that whole discussion anymore.  If you want to comment/argue/whatever on the piece with others, feel free! But I'm not reading any of it.

• For the few short comments I've read, people are curious what my opinion on this piece is. Do I still agree with it? Do I feel strongly about Mary Sues? The answer is...I am completely neutral and lukewarm on this subject. At one point I may have been gung-ho anti-Mary-Sue, but I've been so inactive in any fandom that I don't have an opinion on it anymore. I'm not gonna stand behind my piece, and I'm not going to denounce it, either. I don't care. I'm not going to put it in storage because lots of people seem to be having fun with it! And anger! And rage! And people are getting into arguments. That's fun, I guess? Just don't ask or expect me to participate, because I won't. :)

Lastly, I hope I'm not coming across as some old lady curmudgeon, because I'm not ok maybe I am. Have fun and don't be too mean to people and just have fun.

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Conventions for 2018
2018 conventions! Since I moved, I'm still deciding on which conventions I want to go to in my area. So far I'm only doing three this year - Anthrocon, DragonCon, and DenFur - but I hope to be able to do more western-U.S. cons since I'm in Colorado now, maybe BLFC! If you have any suggestions for local or semi-local cons (I don't mind driving a state or two away), please let me know!

Free U.S. Shipping
I took a poll on Twitter and found people overwhelmingly prefer free shipping instead of a percentage off when I hope Etsy sales, so I have a free U.S. shipping sale going on. This link will automatically apply the coupon to your cart -… or you can use coupon code WINTERFREESHIP if that doesn't work for some reason. I also uploaded a few originals in the shop, so that free shipping code will really help, especially if you want a framed piece, which is bulky and pricey to ship. :)

Here are some of the originals that are now in my shop (with free shipping of course!) :
Erase by windfalcon Learning to Land - Art for Winged Fantasy by windfalcon Avian Librarians - Art for Winged Fantasy by windfalcon Dashing Through the Snow by windfalcon Ace of Swords - 78 Astral Tarot by windfalcon Page of Pentacles - 78 Tarot Nautical by windfalcon Stone Guardian II by windfalcon Thunderbird by windfalcon Stolen Hoard by windfalcon

As much as I wish I could offer free international shipping, I can't. USPS raised international rates so much that it's just too much of a cost. :( For example, leather feathers weigh less than an ounce to ship, but it still costs $13.50 to send them internationally. Also, shipping rates are going up on Sunday so it might get even more cost-prohibitive to ship overseas. I'm apologize to all of you who live outside the U.S.!

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I'm getting ready to put some of my old originals in storage (I just moved so I have to prioritize space). I'm offering them up in case anyone would like them before they end up in a dark box in the crawlspace :D

I have some older watercolors, as well as original inks I did for the Color the Living Island coloring book.

If interested, send a note or leave a comment. :)

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Today I spent the morning photographing all the new paintings I uploaded to Etsy for the holiday sale. After all, what good is a sale if there's just old stuff to choose from?

This link will give you 20% off!…

And not just for originals, but for everything! Prints, leather feather jewerly, custom orders, everything!

Below are all the original paintings that are up on Etsy:

Thunderbird by windfalcon Tale of the Fire Owl by windfalcon Stolen Hoard by windfalcon Peek by windfalcon Stone Guardian II by windfalcon Ace of Swords - 78 Astral Tarot by windfalcon Thesis - Barn Owls by windfalcon Page of Pentacles - 78 Tarot Nautical by windfalcon Mentor II - Revised by windfalcon Wisdom by windfalcon

If you go to… and if the code doesn't automatically add to your cart, just enter HOLIDAY17 in the coupon code field at checkout. :)

Hopefully you're not getting annoyed with all these posts - I've had several people inquire about originals in the past, and want to make sure everyone knows about the sale.
Happy November! Now that I'm settled into my new home in Colorado, I've been able to get my workspace setup and can finally work on art again. With the holidays coming up, I'm offering 20% off everything in my Etsy shop, including original art, prints, leather feather jewelry, and custom work!…

That link should automatically give a 20% discount off your purchase, but if it doesn't work, you can enter coupon code HOLIDAY2017 at checkout. :D
After dragging my feet for about a year, I have finally created my Patreon:

The biggest reason it took so long is because I wanted to make sure I had the time to focus on the projects and contributions that will be part of my Patreon, and since I was dealing with moving and clearing out my father's house, I didn't have the time until now. I also wanted to make sure I was caught up on commissions before jumping in! Now that both of those goals have been met, I will have the time to contribute to all the cool things I will be posting on my Patreon.

Please be aware - Patreon is not a paywall! I will not be keeping finished paintings and masks hidden there. I will still be posting finished pieces on all my sites - Deviantart included. Patreon is simply a way for me to post things that I might not regularly post, such as works in progress, sketches, and general ideas that bounce around in my head or sketchbook but I never really share. I'll also be posting art tips and techniques, and have posts where you can ask questions about art stuff and I'll answer! It's simply extra content.

In addition, as a Patron you can get all sorts of cool stuff, including coloring pages, prints, sketches, leather feathers, and even custom work!
This week has been a whirlwind of cleaning out my father's house and packing my own stuff in preparation for my move to Colorado. I'll be living with two very good friends and I'm super excited to be near MOUNTAINS again.  Inktober, obviously, will be on hold until I'm in my new home and this week and next will be full of packing and moving and trying to figure out how to get furniture out of rooms where the door is too small :|
So due to miscalculation on my part (did you know Atlanta has a 16% hotel tax?), I need to come up with some last-minute funds for Dragoncon, where I'll have a table and art in the art show. I've taken a couple photos of most of the prints I have for sale, and I'm offering them at a discount until tomorrow.

8x8 - $8
8x10 - $10
8x12 - $12
9x12 - $15
Shipping? FREE!

These are discounted from my Etsy and convention prices, so if you've had your eye on a print, it's a good way to get it for a good deal. :D  

if interested, comment here or send me a note :)
I'll be at Dragoncon this year, in the art show like always! I'll have lots of prints, leather feather necklaces, jewelry, small originals and books. I'll also have original art in the art show. See the map below to see where I'll be:

I also now have a Ko-Fi, where you can support me if you so wish.

Ko-Fi is sort of like a small tip jar, originally intended to "buy coffees" but I'm addicted to coffee so that's probably where it would go anyway :D 


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I've received a lot of comments throughout the years asking about how I paint on feathers, so here is a frequently asked questions journal to hopefully answer any questions you might have!

What kind of paint do you use to paint feathers?
• I use acrylic paint. I like Liquitex and Golden, but if you'd like to try painting on feathers, any acrylic will do! "Craft" acrylics will work perfectly fine, but keep in mind generally these paints are a little thinner so it may take more layers. You can thin your paint with water or with acrylic medium.

How do you get multiple feathers to stick together?
• I use an archival PVA bookbinding glue, which looks/acts a lot like regular Elmer's glue. This glue dries quick and clear, and once I glue the feathers together, it's a permanent bond.

How do you keep the feather vanes from coming apart while painting?
• Two things - careful painting, and a thin layer of paint. The very first layer of paint I put down is a watered-down layer of acrylic paint, which acts a bit like a 'glue', by seeping into the tiny hooks and barbs that 'zip' up the feather, and cementing them in place. After this, I carefully paint the next couple layers, and after that, the surface of the feather is a lot like canvas, and there's no danger of the feather pulling apart.

How do you 'draw' the figure on the feather?
• It depends on if I'm planning on painting a background color, or to keep the natural color of the feather behind the subject.  If I'm going to paint a background, I'll just cover the entire feather with a layer of watered-down acrylic and it's not an issue if I make a mistake, because I can simply paint over it. But if I want to keep the natural feather behind the subject, I need to be very careful. I can usually just paint the outline of the subject freehand, but if I want to be able to 'erase' parts (like a sketch), I'll use a white gel pen to draw in the subject. Gel pens are water-soluble, so if I make a mistake, I can remove the mark with water.

What kinds of feathers do you use? And where do you get your feathers?
• I use mainly wild turkey feathers. I also use domestic turkey and domestic goose feathers. It's important to be aware of what kind of feathers you use, because most wild bird feathers are illegal to possess in the United States, due to the Migratory Bird Act! Here's a good list of all feathers protected by this law -…
I get my feathers either from hunters who took the turkeys from the wild for food purposes, or, in the case of domestic bird feathers, they come from farms where the birds are happy and healthy and molt them naturally. I try to be mindful of my feather sources. I do not want feathers taken from birds killed only for their feathers.

I've never seen this before, did you come up with the idea of feather painting? Can I try it myself?
• Oh, gosh, there are plenty of other feather artists who have been doing this much longer than I have! A few spectacularly talented artists who also do feather painting are Nambroth, ssantara and Pat Morris.
And yes! You don't have to ask permission, I don't own the concept of feather painting, it's a medium just like watercolor painting or working with clay. Anyone can do it! Just grab some (legal) feathers and give it a try!

Do you sell your feather paintings?
• Yes, I do take commissions for feather paintings. You can find my list of prices and examples here under "Feather Paintings" -… I also sell them at art shows and conventions.

Did I answer all your questions? If not, leave a comment and I'll be sure to answer it, and may add it to this list!
I'm having a 25% off Etsy sale - that includes originals, custom leather stuff, and everything! May has been really slow and I'm trying to solve that. So if you've had your eye on something, now's your chance to save a bunch of money!

Use coupon code SPRING17 at

Those of you who have commissioned me for paintings - I am slowly but surely working on them! Paintings take way way way longer than leather stuff, which is why you're seeing leather things pop up. I typically work on multiple projects at the same time, so while I'm waiting for a dyed mask to dry, I'll work on a watercolor painting for a bit. As that painting is drying, I'll work on some leather stuff.

As always, if you're curious as to the status of your commission, I have a commission queue here -…

If you commissioned me and don't see your commission listed, please let me know!


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I realized my journal was super out of date (I did that book giveaway a month ago).

I occasionally get notes asking which originals I have available. There are three ways to find out which ones are available:

1. Check my Etsy shop - If you scroll down, there's a shop section on the left that says "Original Artwork." Those are pieces available for immediate purchase and shipment.

2. Check my site - Each gallery on the left links to individual pieces, which will say below them if they're available or not.

3. Send me a note or email! I don't update my site as often as I do, so if there's an original painting here in my FA gallery you're interested in that you don't see in either of the above two places, ask me and I can let you know if it's available.

Furthermore, leatherwork is primarily made to order. Masks sell fast, so I primarily do them as commissions and don't have any on hand.

I'll be holding the fort down (that is, trying to scrape together enough money to pay to stay in my housing until I move to Colorado in October), so any purchases of originals (or prints!) are immensely helpful :)


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I'm excited to announce my second coloring book from the Cornell Lab of Ornithology Publishing Group, "Backyard Birds and Blossoms".  Like "America's Favorite Birds", this is full of birds from all across the U.S., though this book focuses on plant and flower species relevant to each bird, as well as tips on how to improve your own yard to be attractive to birds.  Both books focus on not only coloring fun, but education!  And this book has a 30-inch coloring spread and QR codes so you can find out more information about each bird and hear its call.

Like with the first book, I'm doing a book giveaway!  I only have this on Facebook because keeping track of comments on FA, dA, and Facebook would be overwhelming, so if you're on Facebook, all you need to do is comment at the link below with your favorite bird:…

It can be any bird, it doesn't have to be native to the U.S.!  After you comment, I will reply to you with a number.  On April 12th, I will use a Random Number Generator to pick three winners, and if you win, I will sign and draw a sketch of your bird in your book!

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Some personal news - I may be moving to Colorado sometime this year. With the loss of my father, I've been considering finally moving somewhere else, as I primarily stayed here as a caretaker.  I'll be living with two very close friends and will finally be able to pursue some life goals I've wanted that weren't possible in Connecticut. 

I'm also doing fewer conventions this year, not due to the possible move, but mainly because I got super burned out last year (Eurofurence in Germany one week and then DragonCon a week and a half later!), but also because I want to spend more time this year doing more personal art.  And I've already been posting quite a bit of it.  Doing work preparing for conventions is nice, but it's a lot of the same stuff.  That said, I will be doing a few conventions this year, mainly my main ones - Anthrocon and DragonCon, and probably Furpocalypse and a new Connecticut conventions called Tiny Paws.  I might also do Art in the Park (an art fair in my town), and I've been sending art to a few shows around the country, so I'm still active :)

As mentioned before, I'm currently responsible for all the household expenses (including, temporarily, a sizable mortgage), so I'm offering a free domestic shipping coupon code in my Etsy shop. If you use coupon code FREESHIP17 at checkout at it will remove shipping for your entire order (within the U.S.). Neat!  That includes everything from very heavy items such as original, framed paintings, to very light leather feathers.  If you want to take advantage of ordering something custom that's not listed in my shop and getting free shipping, I'll be happy to put a listing up for you.  This code will be valid until 3/31. The pieces down below are currently available in my shop, as well as many prints, custom listings, and leather jewelry:

In the Sun by windfalcon Peek by windfalcon  Before the Chase by windfalcon Three Red-Tails by windfalcon Night Magic by windfalcon
I'm going to be offering some toned paper commissions, with the same detail as Three Red-Tails. I was debating mentioning why I'm asking for commissions, but I figure there's no harm in being honest. With the loss of my father, I've also taken on many more bills, including all utilities and the mortgage. Until I can refinance the house, I need to come up with a rather high amount each month to be able to stay in the house, so I'll be taking on more commissions until that happens. It sucks but that's the reality of it.

These toned paper commissions are at a discounted rate of $80 each. They are on 9X12 toned paper and shipping is $3 in the U.S. or $15 overseas ($12 to Canada). As always, I also have custom leather jewelry commissions on my Etsy shop, as well as lots of leather feathers and prints in stock -

I also have some originals available. Some are in my Etsy shop, others I don't have listed. If you're interested in an unlisted original, or a more detailed commission, send me a note. Depending on the complexity/subject matter I may be able to work on it.