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Ten Leather Phoenix Feather Pendants

A bunch of leather phoenix feather pendants I made for a client. Lots of reds, oranges and golds!

These are all taken, but if you'd like a custom feather of your own, you can order them here -…
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Setting aside how incredible these are for being crafted from leather, yet so clearly representing something far gentler and more frail, I love the colours you've used on these, specifically the variation between feathers, while all of them still evoke "phoenix" very clearly.
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Really beautiful job on these Phoenix feathers crafted out-of-leather.  I do put on base coats of neutral colors for my own acrylic paintings. Truly amazing artwork as always.  Love your artwork a ton. =)
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Leather feathers are a great idea, and I also love the colors of those ones!
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So freaking awesome! :)
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:heart: I realy Love these :)
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these colors are so pretty together. Love it
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I like the variety of feather shapes, color, and patterns. Delightful!
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Wow, outstanding!
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What a beautiful array they make :heart:
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omg soo beautiful
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I love the variation in shape and colour here, is it paint or a kind of dye/stain?

I like how you've done the bindings and beads in matching colours too, a really nice touch!
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Mostly paint. I do dye the feathers but I paint them as well. The dye is meant mainly as an undercoat (it's easier to paint a feather yellow if it's been dyed yellow first, for example).
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Hmm, thanks for answering!

I'm half heartedly looking at getting into leatherwork (once I've cleared all the other things on the to-do list - so probably never!) and it's interesting to hear little tricks like that.
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