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Realistic Wing Tutorial II

Realistic Wing Tutorial II - Half-Closed Wing as Viewed from Above

After many requests, threats, begging, and bribing :D I have finally found the time to complete the promised second tutorial. This will show you how to draw realistic, half-closed wings from a top view. If you're looking for a tutorial to draw those ribbony or furry wings, then go look somewhere else. ;P This is for people who want to draw wings that will actually lift their creature off the ground.

To view the tutorial, click on 'full view.' If that doesn't work, click 'download to desktop.'

Other Tutorials:
Realistic Wing Tutorial I: Open wing as viewed from below.
Feather Tutorial I: Colored Pencil
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ElementalJess's avatar
I can't believe it took me so long to find your tutorial o.O
NinjaFerret22's avatar
I plan on starting to draw birds soon and this really helps. Thanks alot :hug:
Melodie-Medolie's avatar
uhh o-o thanks for it
I'm in awe...beautifully (and, thoughtfully) drawn!
Firestrong's avatar
Oh my gosh, this is gorgeous. I've been needing to learn how to draw wings the proper way. Thank you for this!!!!
chame-su's avatar
i'm starting to practice wings with this tutorial ^^ thanks for the info here :DD
TeamAyu's avatar
Pretty realistic. Now I need to find a coloring tutorial for this wing. A detail and realistic one (especially crows wing, their beautiful sheen wings feather when hit by sunlight is mesmerizing) in Photoshop.
Thank you for sharing this ^-^
ValentinaIos's avatar
This may seem kinda weird saying this, but I'm kinda new to this site. :P how do you view the tutorial?
windfalcon's avatar
If you click "download" on the right it should open up the full file. :)
despoteos's avatar
I find this a very helpful tutorial, and I can see all the pictures in full view, but why is it that I see only one picture in normal view...? :P
And how do you do that? :)
windfalcon's avatar
I uploaded this about 5 years ago, when DA's upload setup was a bit different. Now, I'm not sure how you would have a different 'preview' image as opposed to the 'download' image.
peacetomomo's avatar
Wow, this looks really nice... Do you draw anything other than wings? :3
windfalcon's avatar
Of course! :) But wings are one of my favorite subjects.
peacetomomo's avatar
Cool! Your wing drawings are fantastic! :) They look extremely realistic :D Do you edit it with Photoshop?
Khalipse's avatar
I used this tutorial on my OC
lover-of-the-Drow's avatar
Oh I like how you do wings! I might put this to use next time I draw my winged characters - try to get the feathers placed better :3
I've thought about doing a tutorial for how I draw wings but I have to know how to draw them well first - and yours is better then Mine would be :wink:
DraconisMortis's avatar
Huge thanks for that tutorial ^^
LupaSenzaLuna's avatar
Hi there! Thanks a lot for this tutorial, it helped me so much! Especially for this: [link]

... well, I have to improve my art. A lot. :blush:

Thanks again!!
windfalcon's avatar
Thanks! And good job :D
black-cat16's avatar
Your tutorial is just perfect, it helped me a lot!
windfalcon's avatar
Slayer-1412's avatar
I've always had trouble with that, thanks for making this tutorial :clap:
Aonalion's avatar
Great work! This is really helpful! :)
NicoleBarber's avatar
Finally! someone who actually knows what a real wing looks like is making a tutorial! It's good to see someone who actually knows what they're talking about doing a tutorial. *Bows down to you* Thank you!
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