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Orange Kitty - Painted Feather

By windfalcon
I was going through some older files and totally forgot about this! It was a commission for someone, and I was waiting until they gave it to their friend before posting it, and I forgot to do so.

This was based on a kitty that sadly passed away, who had lovely blue eyes.

Acrylic on turkey feathers.
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I'm sitting here trying to understand how I would begin to paint on a feather, and I keep thinking I would make a royal mess of it all. You have some amazing talent.
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Beautiful work, the eyes look amazing! :)
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It is absolutely gorgeous! :-)
Namisao's avatar
Very beautiful =D
SarahSkye's avatar
:jawdrop: It's beautiful, I love the eyes
WyldeWyndWalker's avatar
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wow this pic is so good one could go so far as to say that it is prrrrfect :lol:.

Great stuff I love it ;).
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Meow, this is so well painted and a very lovely idea! <3
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Ooh, I love unconventional canvases! Looks great on those feathers. And I'm guessing you painted the blue/green behind the kitty? As opposed to the feathers being that color naturally? It was a really great choice for a background since it totally looks like the type of pattern/coloring you would see on a feather.
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