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Leather Keychains 1

When I make masks, I end up with leather scraps. I don't like to waste, so I figured I'd try to make some pretty little things out of the leftover leather. These three keychains are hand cut and shaped out of 7-oz leather, painted with acrylics, and coated with lots of layers of acrylic varnish. The idea is that if they're protected by varnish, they'll remain safe even as they're thrown in a bag or tossed around. :D

I usually don't do a lot of 'cute' stuff, but the baby gryphon even made me go 'd'awwww.' My big, macho friend said "that gryphon is making my teeth hurt." I took it as a compliment. :D

These are also available on Etsy if anyone's interested:

Baby Gryphon: [link] SOLD!
Diving Falcon: [link] SOLD!
Songbird Wing: [link] SOLD!

EDIT: Whoa, those went quick! I'll make more, don't worry!
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This is a great idea. I hope sometime after x-mas that I will be able to get a set of song bird wings from you.
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That would be great. :)
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Aww, those ARE cute!
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They're all quite beautiful and delightfully detailed, but the gryphon is just dangerously cute. ^_^
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Wow! I love them! Please make more soon, I would love to buy one :D
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No problem! I'm actually working on some more right now, and I'll put them up as soon as I finish. :D
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How much were these selling for? they're so cute!
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The diving falcon and wing were $10 and the gryphon was $15. :3 I'll be making more!
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What an awesome idea. These look great!
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I love all of these, but the baby gryphon is just TOO cute for words! :iconsocuteplz:
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Oh lord that gryphlet is painfully cute.. painfully I tell you lol
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Hahaha my friend, who's a big, tough guy, said it made his teeth hurt.
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These are SO freakin fantastic.
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*fluffles* ;.;
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You can strike that diving falcon as "sold", too. :-) I just had to have it.

Beautiful designs!
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Oh wow, thanks! :D Now they all have happy homes. :giggle: I'm still surprised they went so fast!
hawkfangor's avatar
I grabbed the gryphon X3 it was just too, too cute! I couldn't resist! *glee* I've been drooling over your calendar, too... I might pick one up sometime...
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Hurray! Thanks. :D I had a feeling that one would go quick. And if you're interested in a calendar, the sale will continue until December 1st (which is when I order the batch of calendars). So if you order one through me before then, you'll get a pen drawing. :3
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What a great idea!
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Thanks! They're a lot of fun to make. :3
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These really are adorable! I just love the baby gryph and can't wait to see how you handle the hatchlings:) They are so 'cuture' *snort* I love it that you are putting your scraps to good use! I hate throwing away things too and am pondering making flowers and butterflies.

Might I make the tiny suggestion of adding a grommet to reinforce the hole? The possibility of getting jerked on or yanked is so much higher with keychains that it might be something to think about adding, if it doesn't mess up the effect of the piece. Grommets do come in colors so that might be something to think about!
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Grommets are an idea, but one thing I've noticed about leather is it's ridiculously strong. I've tried to pull apart a piece of leather that's barely held on by the tiniest of fibers and it simply will not budge. And the leather has about 5 layers of varnish, so that protects it, too. Though for the sake of aesthetics I might look around for grommets.
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