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Concrete Dreams

On Facebook I asked my watchers to come up with a two-word phrase, and I would choose two of those phrases to base a painting off of.  This was one of those phrases - "Concrete Dreams". A common pigeon dreams of not-so-common things.

Watercolor on cold-press paper, 6X6 inches.
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J'adore ♥ Il est magnifique ♥

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Very pretty, I especiallly like the dandelions!
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A victoria crowned pigeon!
The dreaming bird just looks like one of theese. By the way it's beautiful.
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This is absolutely beautiful!  I love how the picture is of the pigeon sleeping, yet it has the dandelion crown and bottlecap necklace on, as if its dreams are becoming reality.  I am fascinated by that kind of supernatural effect, and I love pigeons; this painting is a perfect blend of the two.  Furthermore, the feather texture and shading are exquisite!  Amazing work!
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I have very much enjoyed looking through your gallery but something about this humble bird has captured my heart. There is a simple sweetness to her along with great dignity and style. Thank you! Hug 
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Oh, she wears her necklace of street pickings so beautifully.
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It looks so cute :)
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This is really really cool and awesome. The bottle caps, the dandelions... I love it.
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You really captured the fluffiness of the pigeon's feathers. Very nice!
Oh, I love the urban gems and flowers--PERFECT for a city pigeon! You've always got something new and surprising for us, showing us the world in a new way.
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wtf how does someone just come up with such a uniquely incredible style like yours? your works are beautiful
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Aw, thank you. I've been kind of fighting with feelings of a lack of uniqueness to my work lately. 
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Beautiful, just gorgeously beautiful 
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Beautiful in so many ways. 
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I love this so much! :D They look like a character out of a show, or a book! A pigeon that a character would meet who dreamed of becoming ruler, or perhaps they are already ruler of their pigeon flock, I love the necklace of bottlecaps and the crown of weeds, I actually think the dandelions look like a really nice crown, haha!
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I like your interpretation! :)
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This is adorable, but also i love the different colors they mesh so well and ohmygodddddd the watercolor is killing it, just awesome background and awesome feathers, bright green dandelions, i love it all
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Now that is unique!
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awwwwwwwwww he's cute!
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Aw... I so want to hug this feathered friend! :heart:
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Queen of weeds and refuse!
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This is why I asked your roommate for his bottlecap :B I wasn't being a trash-hoarder, I needed it for art reference!

(ok maybe it's a little bit of a self-portrait)
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