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Calligraphy - W.B. Yeats Poem



One of my Calligraphy midterm projects. All our assignment was was to create one piece using a hand a certain time period, and then create another piece using a hand from another time period. I think I might be an overachiever, seeing that among the acceptable projects were bookmarks and placecards...

Anyways, for my project, I wrote out William Butler Yeats' poem, "The Song of Wandering Aengus." I chose that poem because of the mysterious, romantic, and almost sensual feel of it. I did it in the Insular Minuscule hand with black Higgins ink. In case you were curious, the title was done with a size 1 nib, and the poem itself was done in a size 2 nib. Yeats' name was done in a size 3 nib, and I did the tree with Pelican 4001 brown ink. The leaves were done with a mixture of green Higgins ink and Pelican 4001 brown ink, as was the grass, only with a watered-down mixture.

Aaaand, there's an error. Can anyone find it? :innocent: ah, the wonders of white acrylic ink...

"The Song of Wandering Aengus" is © William Butler Yeats.
Art is © me.
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