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We've had Atka, the bald eagle at Horizon Wings for a few years, during which he has transformed quite majestically from a nearly completely brown young bird to a sub-adult with more and more light feathers on the head and tail and a lightening bill.  Today, he looks quite different from how he looks on this feather.  Atka unfortunately has permanent injuries which prevent him from being released to the wild, so he has been going through training to become an educational bird at Horizon Wings.  He had his first public debut yesterday, and he will continue to go to programs around Connecticut to teach people about eagles and how we can help protect them.

Acrylic on two turkey feathers

Edit:  Since people off-site have requested I do so, here's a link to a page with commission information for custom painted feathers -…
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How does one even start doing this.
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That's wonderful...
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wow this piece is just magical! :wow:
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dam thts is superb
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Man that is really gorgeous!
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Gorgeous image!
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I would love to have this :) great work :)
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Wow, you're one of the best, if not the best feather painter here on DA! Love your feather creations and want to be as good as you one day :)
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Aw, thank you! :)  There are many other feather painters who I feel are better than I!
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This is gorgeous! Very fantastic little painting. :)
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Well done, Brenda! Yeah, I've gotta agree with Jessica on this one!
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Absolutely beautiful!! It makes me want to meet Atka myself :)
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If you're in Connecticut you could meet him at one of our many public programs!
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Unfortunately, I'm in the Midwest, and I have only ever been in Connecticut once to visit family. It's pretty up in the air as to whether I'll make my way back there for vacation or future grad school options.
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Curious on prices for these things are??
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Prices range from $90 to $200 depending on the size of the feathers and how many feathers I use.  You can find detailed information with examples here -… under "Feather Paintings"
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you're ridiculously amazing.
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