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-: Ella Dijo Ven :-

By WinDasH
... Yes. This is it. It took Me 3 MONTHS of work, And 7 of Lazyness (Yeah almost a Year. ._. ). But I Finished it.. and Submitted it.

And Thank you so Much :iconfoxxie-creations: For the Preloader. I REALLY Needed it. =3

***= Be Ware of a LONG COMMENT, Cause I Need to Explain Quite alot of Stuff, just in Case any Doubts.
Though If you still Have After Reading, Please Ask. and I'd Apreciate Hard Crit ( Not too HARD tho. It's my FIRST "professional work" X_xU ) Thank You. <3


First of All, The Music And Lyrics Was Made By Sergio Elías, A Great Singer, and A Good friend, and The Comissioner of This VideoClip. He's Been Incredibly Patient and Waited SO LONG for Me. PLUS He Made later a BETTER Version and Made it sound and Look EVEN Better. I must Thank Him So Much. Plus This Work Let Me Learn ALOT About How Animation works. and I've Improved Alot.

And Also Thanks To My Family for The Patience and pushing. without Them. I dont think I'd have Finished the Clip on time.. xD!


Now. In My opinion... It Came out so Simple and a lil.. cheesy.. but I still like It, So Ya. xD .

This clip and Song Are About The Story of a Seeker Who wants To Find True Happyness, And He Seeks Everywhere, And The Goddess Guides Him to Herself with A Light/Vision, And When He Finds Her, She Teaches Him a Way To Reach Pure Attention and Happyness, By Meditation and Yoga Excercises (Candle Treatment, Foot Soak and she Beat). But It Happened to Be Only A Dream.. and When He Gets There, She's not There... But That doesnt Matter, He Still Remembers Her Teachings, and He's Still Able to Reach That State Thanks To Them. and So He Becomes a Happier Person. =3

That "Fairy Actually Exists, Her Name is Shri Mataji, and She's an Amazing (in my opinion. the Best) Philosopher, and an Amazing Person Herself. She Teached Alot of People This way To Reach The State of Realization, Which is Called "Sahaj Yoga", And Everyone is Able To Reach It, It's completely Free (We'd Never Ask Any Money, Nor Judge you For Not Accepting It.). It's up To your dedication to it. In My Opinion, it REALLY Works, and I Enjoy It, and I'm Proud of Bein a "Yogi". =3

And I Think I Should Explain The Excercises Which are Shown on The Video.

To Make These Excercises, You Should Take Your Shoes off, and It's Best If you're Sitting Down as id Doing yoga. BUT with your Mouse Wide open, not with any... "rare" hand poses. o_oU

>> The Bhandan : It's used as a Way To Protect Ourselves While Meditating or doing An Important Task. ( and I dont recommend abusing it. ._.U).

You Must Place Your left Hand wide open as if You Were Holding something on It, and with Your Right Hand, you Make The Shape of A Rainbow All arround your Body and Head (The Wider, the Better). It Must Be done 7 times Back and Forth. you can Sing The Colours of the Rainbow to count. XD

>> The Kundalini : It's Used To Rise The Energy From Our Spinal Column From The bottom of Our body (Though All The 7 Energy channles inside Us) To The Very Top of Our Head, Allowing us to Reach The State of Full Attention And Thoughtless Awareness (No Thoughts).

To do It, you must Place Your Hands at the bottom of Your body in front of you (not stuck to your body. XD) And Rotate Them FrontWards While moving them Slowly Upwards, untill you Reach The Top Of Yur Head, and When You're up, Tie an Invisible knot And Pull. You Must Do This 3 Times, and Add one Knot Each time You Rise It. Means, First Tie Only 1 knot, then Tie 2 knots, and Then Tie 3.

--- I Made These 2 Shorter in The Vid Cause I Had To Fit It Though The Song. so They're not Correct. you Gotta Make The Bhandan 7 times, and The Kundalini 3 Times. Or else Nothing will Happen... It Just Wont work well. o_oU --- Plus you Must Have Faith on Shri Mataji So She Helps your Energy To Rise.

Then There Are also:

>> The Candle Treatment : Which is Used for When You're Feeling Tired or Lazy Phisically (and Mentally too... XD). = We Cal it The LEFT Side = you can make it colectively, or By Yourself. I Cant Tell Much Details about How to do It Though. ._. (I dunt do it Much... D= ).

>> The Foot Soak : Which is Good For The People Who Have STRESS, or Are a Bit (or MUCH) Hyper and easy To Alarm. Best with Cold Water (NOT FREEZING Water. XD), And Soak your Feet While Saying Some Mantras ( a kind of Orations and Prays, which I Wont Explain in Detail. ).

And The Shoe Beat : Which is Used To Destroy all The Negativity Which We wish to Be Destroyed. you have to
Sit Down with no shoes on yar Feet, and Write with Your Finger Anything Kind of Negativity or Problems which you have to Be Destroyed. But It is MOSTLY UBER Recommended to Start With YOUR Ego and Super Ego (Right Side and Left Side), so You Are in The Center.
It's BEST to Do it Outside or on Sand, cause you can Really Write it. If not, just imagine It's written on the Floor.
and when you have written the Problem or Negativity down (example: Drugs, War... Etc.), spin your Hand Arround the Name Seven times (a Bhandan, but full arround it ). and Then, Grab your LEFT Shoe (you can use your Right Hand Tho. ) and Hit the Negativity Name With it on The floor, As MUCH as you Can (either arround 1 min or 180 times. and do it with a Fast Rythm and Not too Hard. ). and After you're done, Rub Your Shoe Around the Name to Spread Teh "Ashes", and Grab it (imaginarily, No need to pic the Sand, just "Grab" the name on your hands). and Blow It with your Mouth in The Air. and Clean your Hands (by shaking them a bit ).

There's MORE Treatments, But I dont need to Write Them All. It's Best If you Visit The Website and Learn More About Sahaja yoga Over There..! ^^

= [link] =

If You've Made it THIS Far on Reading, I Trully Apreciate So Much your Patience, and I hope It helped. =3

And I hope You Enjoyed The Animation! ^^

Music and Lyrics Are © Sergio Elías
Sergio Elías as Himself
Fairy is Shri mataji Nirmala Devi
Animation by Nöé Fernandez
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© 2009 - 2021 WinDasH
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amazeing video and awesome song
AvalarGuardian's avatar
It is a wonderful Animation.
WinDasH's avatar
Thank you very Much! I'm Glad You like it! ^^
Un trabajo estupendo, y refleja el gozo de Sahaja Yoga muy bien.

Saludos de Parag y Marta desde Chile
this is SOOO luvely!Well done
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JSM!! This is really Nice!! Good Work i love it!!
WinDasH's avatar
Thanks Very Much! JSM!! ^^
This was amazing .. so refreshing and joyfull.
Keep it up.
much Regards,
thats a beauty.....u have done a wonderful work...its a masterpiece...
Lots of Regards,
Jai shri mataji...
Wow! Well done. I am an admin for Sahaja Yoga Arts [link] and we would love to add this to the site. Once again - what a beautiful animation.
sixpetal's avatar
Hey!!! I'm a french yuva, you did an amazing job!!!!! I actually felt some tingling on my Sahasrara while watching!!!! [link]

Nice one! I like the style you used, it was really cute :)
I loved this video so much, it is absolutely amazing and utterly beautiful. Vibrations all over my body when watching :)

Thank you!
greeeeat job!

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Let me say THIS WAS AWESOME xD good to see how far youve come in terms of animations Windeh :D, if you want truth, ill tell you how awesome this was, basically before i was watching this i was currently working on an assignment designed for 2 people, however it ended up as me doing EVERYTHING. i.e. my entire week end was spent doing my and my partner's work, i just finished and was feelin absolutely terrible im talking angry, and completely tired, this music vid really did cheer me up, made me a whole lot calmer xD.

ok SO YOU WANT A CRIT HUH. well may just say i am loving how smooth you animating is, not to mention considering this is the first time ive seen a full length animation from you, that fps must be like 40-50 frames, which is dam impressive, i onyl ever started with 12, and im only currently using 30 fps! thats how far behind i am xD! most of the movement is very fluid, i liek it alot, not to mention you combinations of different persepctives yet how well you animated them is impressive! the visual style is very simple, but its simplicity and cheezyness xD!, is what gives it that kind of uplifting feeling, btw kudos to your friend o.o that song is very calming. Some of your scenes tho i reckon would look ALOT better if they were tweened, such as teh close ups and some of the expressions. One thing that always hits me tho and i hate to say it but, your fbf tho amazingly smooth soem times suffers from the amount of detail youve put into them, i.e. most of your sudden movements do seem to slow, like the same pace as the other calmer movements, so it might be better to try the simple draw 3 frames with the middle frame being blurred for fast movement, its not really an issue here, but when you try doing more dynamic and fast paced htings such as fights, it'll stylize and make it look faster but still fluid. hehe when the seeker and shri do the hand movements theer are a few moments where they doo look more like paws xD! but, over all this is a very good piece, for me, i beleive you've got exactly what youw ere aiming for and form reading the other comments id say its true xD. Really rpoud of your work windeh xD but there is one thing i really dislike about this flash vid.

it shows how far behind ive become xD! but yeah

holy shit this comment was long o.o
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Simplemetne te ha quedado maravilloso! en seiro apra ser tu primer trabajo serio!! te ha quedao exelente sigeu asi y no desistas!! para adeltante siempre y pulienod puliendo puliendo animo *abrazote
SophiGrazh's avatar
Excellent work!
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Anda!!! Que sorpresa!!!! Te llevas las palmas con este!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Te quedo genial!!! FELICIDADES!!!
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Grandisima la animacion ^^ buen dibujo, buen tema... vamos me ha sorprendido mucho :3 la calidad que tiene el video :P Felicidades!
BluebottleFlyer's avatar
I'm just completely absolutely flawless piece of animation, and I can tell that you an insane amount of time and love into it. Brilliant story behind it as well, very heart-warming. :nod: :thumbsup:
FrostyPuppy's avatar
Dont you dare say this is cheesy! Truely this is an inspirational piece, and all those months of hard work really paid off. You along with the help of your friends really brought about one amazing flash piece here. The art is simple perhaps but its beauty in its simplicity, and I find the meaning very deep and true, I understood it without having to read the comments, so good work on communicating the message ;p
In short, a beautiful piece man, you should be proud :D
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