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Winamp Forums Compilation 4 by Winamp-Forums Winamp Forums Compilation 4 by Winamp-Forums
Thanks to everyone to helped in the creation of this project. Thanks also to Warrior of the Light for his brilliant idea last year, these packs have really seemed to boost everyone's spirits and bring us all closer together.

Participants included:
- Denkensiefursich
- Grandchild
- JaVS_v2.5
- Jheriko
- Pak-9
- StevenRoy
- Yathosho

Edit May 02, 2006: Unfortunately, it seems I forgot to include to the updated version of AVSTrans by TomyLobo. To ensure proper working order, please download this APE here.

Edit May 10, 2006: Sorry for all the delays. I finally got around to updating the installer. It seems that in addition to an outdated version of AVSTrans, I also forgot to include the Picture II APE and a necessary bitmap. Everything should be working properly now. If there are any other bugs found, please let me know as soon as possible.
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Daily Deviation

Given 2006-05-05
Winamp Forums Compilation 4 by ~Winamp-Forums is another great result by part of DeviantArt's community. If you like watching some sexy visualizations while playing your favourite song - don't miss out this download, at least if you use Winamp. ( Featured by yathosho )
framesofreality Featured By Owner Jun 12, 2006
bad-ass pack guys, some really good presets here!
bigger comment later, fav now.
CryO5 Featured By Owner May 7, 2006   Digital Artist
awesome, psychodelic, trippy

great beat detection too

I'm using this one all the time now :)
jay-fatboy Featured By Owner May 6, 2006
My dear, lads, that is some qiute impressive work. I am quite dumbfounded. Thank you very much, such high quality is rarely to be found these days.
Pantoja Featured By Owner May 5, 2006  Hobbyist General Artist
yathosho Featured By Owner May 5, 2006
good stuff from some people i didn't know before (kar-ma and stevenroy). the intro is very nice, good job on the bitmaps too. denkensiefuesich's sacred scars appears to be different from the version i remixed. unfortunaly i could not finish a decent remix of grandchild's horror vcr, maybe don't like the original enough. i sure like paper fly and i'm lucky i could remix this one - great preset. next favourite has got to be kar-ma's dither, followed by stevenroy's shape shifter sex.. i remember i loved doing stuff like this in the past - maybe i should try again. also like steven's other preset, crazy stuff! on the remix side i like the no use crying.. remixes from denkensiefursich an kar-ma, jheriko's remix of dither and javs' remix of wire strain most. asd5a's remix of spekky is nice, but it could be nicer imho. i'd enjoy pak9's intro a lot more, if the text would change much faster.

great pack, my favourite since the 2nd one. my initial plan was to deliver black&white presets (and remixes) only.. at some point i thought it was better to delete my remix for denkensiefursich.. should've kept it maybe.
pofigist Featured By Owner May 4, 2006
:jawdrop:...+fav :+fav:
amphirion Featured By Owner May 2, 2006
very well done guys, very well done. now if you excuse me, i feel kinda inspired.
dRRew Featured By Owner May 2, 2006
im going to follow tuggummi's theory and not analyse every preset.
presets from all the gods of avs, how can you go wrong?
as usual, yathosho, jheriko and pak-9's presets are killing it.
Grandchild Featured By Owner May 2, 2006
original favs:
:trout:asd5a - intro
:trout:denkensiefürsich - sacred scars
:trout:pak-9 - spekky

remix favs:
:trout:yathosho - sacred scars
:trout:kar-ma - no use crying over spilt grape juice oh yeah! this one's so cool. these fine lines the blobs are leaving behind, the colors, all's fantastic
:trout:asd5a - spekky
:trout:javs - wire strain oh so nemo - and good!
:trout:pak-9 - electronique
:trout:pak-9 - outro

only a little bad that I missed the remix deadline ^^;

even numbers really are better for WFCs. So, when are we going to start with WFC 6 ;)

c u all in june
WotL Featured By Owner May 2, 2006  Hobbyist
6? nooo! not 6, but 8!.

WFC4 should have been 5, just like with winamp: start with 1, then 2, then 3, then 5 and so on (8, 12, 17)

just kidding of course
mattfury Featured By Owner May 2, 2006  Student Digital Artist
WotL Featured By Owner May 1, 2006  Hobbyist

ASD5A - Intro :
fresh and bubbling.. And retro for the fake MP's :p
ASD5A - Muskalin Picknick : very juicy, I also like some of the color schemes. Looks fun
Denkensiefursich - Sacred Scars : the colors are a bit too flat imo.. it needs some sparkling. The dm effect rocks though, just as the background. And yes, it's slow (8.4fps for me @400x300, with a general preset @20fps)
Grandchild - Horror VCR : I like the concept, that static 'white sun effect' on the edges is really annoying
Grandchild - Paper Fly : good, no, great. Good one! gimme mooore where this came from :D
JaVS - Candy Box : could be a milkandfruit commercial with those colors :) it's just that the object could use some rework.. right now, it's just a.. well.. a box.
JFASI - Black Sqaures on White Background : very remixable and always fun to look at.
JFASI - No Use Crying Over Spilled OJ : dude, I love these preset titles. The preset has a lot of white for me.. which is sad because this preset deserves better.
Jheriko - Simple Complexity : You still own at 3D objects. Too bad that it's a little flat on the colors
Kar-ma - Dither : I love that movement addition, but I like it better with the blend option on. Just my personal opinion.
Kar-ma - Flying Out : wow, this brings back memories, it seems like it's 3 years old.. I just love these sparkles.
mattfury - Stereo Mountains : well, yea.. At least it has bright and intense colors. It's just that it's in a v0.01 status. Keep at it.
PAK-9 - Spekkie : lasers.. They're bright and smooth, but that's about all I can like about it. Too bad because I had hoped for more after the last compilations. Perhaps my hopes were too high? Just one question: where did you get that name from?
StevenRoy - Shape Shifter Sex : Now that's an awesome read. It really makes the preset make sense. :+fav: for the combination of literature and AVS
StevenRoy - Wire Strain : The colors are really hurting me (XOR+psycadellic), and the rest isn't really making sense to me.. Sorry
Yathosho - Electronique : It really took a while before it stopped strobing. After that it was, just like JFASI's one, a cool preset to watch and probably to remix. Your advantage is that you pretty much own in this concept.

JaVS - Hell Liquor :
gold always works
Yathosho - Dressed too ill : Too ill for me.. Too much strobing for me. (sorry)
JFASI - All better now : Good one, I love it! worth your time.
Grandchild - scissors : Whoa I love this one best! /puts in faves dir
ASD5A - Legacy : errm.. Sorry but I don't really like this one.
PAK-9 - Candy Necklace : Wootzorz, lasers once again! but done well this time. I love this galaxy type stuff
Denkensiefursich - Screwdriver : .. I don't get the title? whatever, I love this one. Is it meant to be filled, like when you switch from another preset, or empty; like when you close/open AVS? Anyway, it's a great preset.
Kar-ma - Spilt Grapefruit : That's the kind of remix that I was hoping for.. Well done.
Kar-ma - Meta Squares : what could one say on these kind of presets? well, it looks cool.. dunno what else to say.
JFASI - Simplistic : The mouse response doesn't add much for me, but it's fun to have.. good colors.
Kar-ma - Green Screen : Feels a bit empty.. not one of your strongest ones. sorry.
Jheriko - Vortex : You made the colors acceptable for me.. great job on that. Outcome: really a new kind of preset for me. Strange, but I even like it. A lot even. :confused:
StevenRoy - Fountains of mountains : Well I can't blame you for the original preset.
ADS5A - Jaw Sweetness : :crazy: hey I like it, it's cartoony (ey, my comments are geting really strange when I'm listening to Weird al Yankovic)
StevenRoy - Squeeky : urrm yea. (laughs out loud) /presses [u]
StevenRoy - Woody Shapes : these little guys are fun to follow :D
Jheriko - Lines in Lines : Again I don't know what to say other than that I like it.. I liked the original better though.. But that one was pretty 'edgy' if you know what I mean.
PAK-9 - Botique: Nice touch to add those shadows. but errm.. where's the original concept?
PAK-9 - Outtro : Industrial! me like. /ideas are starting to appear
WotL Featured By Owner May 1, 2006  Hobbyist
:+fav: of course ;)
Denkensiefursich Featured By Owner May 1, 2006
Great job to everyone!

I apologize about the Boxique mix, I was sure that I included the new, hacked version of AVSTrans by Tomy and Pak.
pak-9 Featured By Owner May 1, 2006
Good job everyone


Sacred Scars - smooth, subtle and well coloured
Paper Fly - The vectory effect is really well executed and original, probably my favorite of the pack
No Use Crying Over Spilled OJ - Simple effect but well implemented
Simple Complexity - That name is so terrible... but yea colours suck, particles and movement save it

Candy box (Legacy Mix) - The particles are a little dark but I like the style
Simple Complixity (Green screen mix) - I like the style
Spekky (Jew Sweetness mix) - Really great, the colours, the style, the execution. Favorite remix
Wire Strain (Woody Shapes Mix) - A simple idea, but it works well

Overall the quality of the pack is high, much more balanced than the previous ones, which is definately a positive thing. It helps when technical AVS'rs refrain from creating anything too code heavy (which of course I would never be guilty of), keeping the viewing experience on a much flatter curve of expectation. Oh what the hell, have a fav...


P.S. (I believe) The reason people are having boxique freeze is because you require a new version of AVSTrans

P.P.S Nice mix coned :)
tuggummi Featured By Owner Apr 30, 2006
So now you all decided to pull out your best stuff, you know im gonna hate you guys for the rest of my... *oooh! shiny preset!* *skiddles away*

Great work all, intro and outro were great and some of the stuff between was awesome too. Don't really want to spoil it all by analyzing the presets, but boxique freezed my computer too :|

Great work fellas all around :thumbsup:
skryingbreath Featured By Owner Apr 30, 2006
Great intro

asd5a'S good, very responsive to beaty music

LOVE the colours in dman's

The renders in grandchild's are cute

I like the texture/material used in Javs's preset

jafsi's second one is trippy as hell! Felt like I was on acid looking at it :lol:

Jheriko's is something I've never seen before. It looks like a nebula that is exploding/expanding, very fun to watch!

Karma's first could be alot better if it didn't change on each beat (but that's just my personal opinion) His second one is very cool, reminds me of a flash game I saw a while ago

MF's reminds me of electricity somehow

I like the sunray effect in pak9's

ShapeShifter Sex is classic! It looks exactly like wha tthe tittle is :)

Yathosho's was hard to get used to at first but is also fun to watch

/overly long reply from an AVS noob (for what it's worth)
gman78 Featured By Owner Apr 30, 2006
This pack is great! The intro and outro is so nice..

Thanks guys.. :D
unconed Featured By Owner Apr 30, 2006
Nice work!

The intro is simple and stylish. Pity it's so bright. It should have some more ranges in brightness and responsiveness.

Paper Fly is especially stylish and impressive. Pity it's not faster.

Shape Shifter Sex is just sensual, great :).

JaVS's Hell Liquor mix of Muskalin Picknick is nice too.

Yathosho's mix to Sacred Scars is a bit too flashy for me. It would be nicer with toned down colors...

PAK-9's Candy Necklace mix is very nice. Good bloom work ;).

Boxique Mix freezes my AVS :|.

Nice job though. Some fresh things in there.

I made a nice remix of Pak-9 Spekky:
TomyLobo Featured By Owner May 1, 2006
oh noes you used trans/water! zomg!
looks nice, runs slowly though
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