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Theme Atlas Collection for Windows 10.14393 Final

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Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8.1, 10, Aerolite and Aero Glass Theme atlas for Windows 10.14393

First Release: 18th January 2017
Final Release: 18th February 2017

1) Download Aero Glass and Aero Glass GUI [Link] When installing "Aero Glass tick protect Aero Glass by adjusting access permissions" for    Titlebar on modern apps like Microsoft Edge.
2) Download the Theme Atlas
3) Move the Theme Atlas to C:\AeroGlass (all .png files and all .png.layout)
4) Open "Aero Glass GUI" and apply the Theme Atlas

Please note: Windows Vista & 7 have the same Titlebar, so use Windows 7 theme atlases.

This is not copyright free so, Please ask for my permission to make edited versions of this theme
before submitting. Please send in some comments or some bugs. If u like it give some
points :) (Smile) :D (Big Grin) 
It means a lot.
The windows theme atlases have come from sagorpirbd's theme, I have just
converted it into a theme atlas with his permission.

Please comment/give bugs. If you like this please comment and/or donate some points [Link] 

Good Luck ****************

Enjoy!!! :D (Big Grin) :D (Big Grin) :D (Big Grin) :D (Big Grin) 

Windows Theme Atlases:

Windows 10 Theme Atlas for Windows 10 [Link]

Windows 8.1 Theme Atlas for Windows 10 [Link]

Windows Vista/7 Theme Atlas for Windows 10 [Link]

Windows XP Theme Atlas for Windows 10 [Link]

Aero Related things:

Aerolite Theme Atlas for Windows 10.14393 [Link] 

Aerolite Theme for Windows 10.14393 [Link]

Aero Glass Theme Atlas [Link]
© 2017 - 2020 WIN7TBAR
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can this be used for version 1909? and also how do i change it to these borders?

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really nice collection

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OMG Thank you

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Thank you! Works great on Windows 10 1909 Build 18363.720 :) see pic below

Thank you
callateydejameusar's avatar

did you also install aero glass? i would like to know bc everytime i see a video on how to do it takes me to a sketchy site

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i see you are Minecrafter too
and yeah theme is just works with AeroGlassForWin8
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Thanks all your theme atlas worked for Windows 10 1909 Build 18363.535 x64

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please make these for window 8!
How do I change themes? I want to just change the buttons, not have a glass titlebar.
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Grab the AeroGlassGUI tool from the website.
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Hey dude, got any for Windows 8.1?
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You have saved my life :) It's impressive how a persons productivity decreases with the W10 user interface.. Going back with these collection makes it better
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