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Time for another mermaid picture....

I recently figured out how to make more or less convincing caustics in Octane and this makes it easier to do more realistic underwater scenes. Doing it the hard way (let the render engines figure it out, is very difficult and takes ages to render). Trick I used was to use a caustic map in the distribution of an emitter and use perspective mapping for projection. I added a bit of scatter volume to get some sense of depth in the  scene.
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Biscuits3DProfessional Digital Artist

Looking very good with those caustics!

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I don't understand any of the technical stuff, but the results are amazing.

Fantastic mermaid and diver. :heart: :heart: And yeah, I hope they are getting along. :D

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Nice render!

I do wonder if the diver is being pulled along willingly. LOL

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Yes agree with Molly - a beautiful result. The "people" look great, and I also love the story in this one, right down to the dials on the tank showing the 02 is low. The diver really needs some help getting out of that cave - and soon! So is a mermaid really there or is her 02 so low that she is starting to dream?

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MollyFootmanHobbyist Digital Artist

Hmmm. I use Octane about a third of the time when I am rendering and need to go back to school on it, I think. What you're doing sounds straightforward enough, though. The bottom line is it produces a beautiful result, Wim!

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LapinDeFerHobbyist Digital Artist


This scatter makes the fine scene work very well

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