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Princess Flurry Heart (adult)

Should be available as a print on Bronycon by TPM 
My vision of her in future. 

   Princess Twilight Sparkle [redraw] by Wilvarin-Liadon  Princess Celestia by Wilvarin-Liadon  Princess Luna by Wilvarin-Liadon  Applejack by Wilvarin-Liadon  Rainbow Dash by Wilvarin-Liadon

I'm raising money on GoFundMe and through Paypal to fix my health issues which could lead to death if I won't be able to heal. 
You can learn more about the situation on the page below.
It's very hard to me to ask for help so I kindly ask you to avoid any negativity. 

Support apreciated by Wilvarin-Liadon

Donate via paypal
(using my husbs account)

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She looks just like her mom. Excellent work

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These are beautiful :'D
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Oooooohh... :wow:
Flurry looks great. To be a concept, she has a cool design with nice colors, a cute hairstyle and even a nice collar piece.
I guess she got her beauty from her mother. ;P
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Wonderful work
spiritlit's avatar
Oh man, she looks so strong and sassy. And of course, I love her mane (( as well as all the other ones you've done lol )) !
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OMG I love it! Such a pretty version of her! <33
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I was hoping to see Flurry from you. 
Awesome work,as always.La la la la 
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Sweet to see that you've done Flurry Heart! Definitely love the swirls in her mane the combination of colors are really fun! You do a wonderful job on these & oo her cutie mark 
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