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If she's still looking for love... I'm game.
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Great design ^^
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I still love your art so much. ;^;
11/10 would hug :heart:
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Thank you very much! ^^ cause I was a bit worried as you did not accepted my last work of FP to your group xD
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Me sorry... Just been busy with life and trying to fix my house. ;~;
I've always be a big fan of you. I don't think that will stop anytime soon. :heart:
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awww, thank you <3 I'm very glad that you're not disappointed how I thought you was xD I know you're in trouble sometimes like everyone do. I did not drew Fluffy for a while for the same reason. I hope soon I'l have time to draw her once again. She is a really nice reason to work on my fur drawing skills xD
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so very beautiful :D
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Always loved Chrysalis's art...this is awesome <3
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Undeniably beautiful work here. 
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Totally bad ass!
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So beautiful!
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A beautiful humanisation of Chrissie, indeed :heart: I'm in love with Her pretty eye and fabulously long, flowing hair :love:
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She certainly is a queen of beauty :love: SPLENDID work, on humanizing all of her lovely features ^^
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Yes, sorry, I worked yesterday the whole day on a comm and then deep in the night decided to draw Chryssi, so I saw your mention just before I go to sleep.
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It's ok! You are too awesome!
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