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kenshin vs. Makoto Shishio

By Wilustra
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Tools: pencil, Painter X, Photoshop CS2
Time: +/- 8 hours.

Photo refs: [link] :iconbobbistock:

Painting video in "HD": [link] (low-quality of youtube was very very very bad.... ¬¬;)

Maldição apesar de ter mandado em alta(1280x720) o youtube interpretou o video como baixa, e detono ainda mais a qualidade do video ¬¬

video quality not be good... :(
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This still never gets old. :D
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Wow..... Amazing
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Awesome work, RK is in my top 5 favorite anime/mangas. Appreciate the hard work. :)
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Amei seu trabalho! Você é realmente The Best!
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vi seu video hahahahaha

te odeio :iconimhappyplz:
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:O:O wooow awesome nice job!
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To epic for words...
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Well done, goes to my favs. I've always thought that Shishio should've win that fight. He had better swordmanship skill than Kenshin, besides the katana of Shishio had really unique skills.
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Coloring is fantastic. THe heavy contrasts, the shading on the fabrics, and those flames are absolutely wonderful. Kenshin looks a bit mroe masculine than I'd expect but you definitely caught his look of fierce determination (and perhaps desperation in this final attack). Shishio, naturally, looks like a beast and his dominating pose and the fold of fabrics around him are excellent. Good job.
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The Juppon Gatana :aww:
muito boa imagem,me fez lembrar da minha torcida pro kenshin quando vi esse desenho.xP
Espero desenhar assim algum dia. :D
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That is just mind blowing... *__* I'm in awe...

ARi chan
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:omg: AWESOME!!!! :#1: :w00t:
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Show de bola!
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Wow this is amazing! Good job!!
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thank you so much.
oh and can you please tell me the brush's specs and what you use to blur?

sorry if im bothering, i just really want to learn.

by the way, you freakin awesome! =)
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Como você digitalizar seu desenho de modo que quando você pintar no corel, o desenho ainda está em cima da pintura?
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I'm use Layers

Draw layer in mode multipy, and the layers below in normal mode.
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One of the best battles in the series.
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