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Two Halves of my Soul by WiltingSoul Two Halves of my Soul :iconwiltingsoul:WiltingSoul 0 0 Faun by WiltingSoul Faun :iconwiltingsoul:WiltingSoul 1 0 Mermaid by WiltingSoul Mermaid :iconwiltingsoul:WiltingSoul 2 0 Mother of Dragons 2 by WiltingSoul Mother of Dragons 2 :iconwiltingsoul:WiltingSoul 2 0 Mother of Dragons 5 by WiltingSoul Mother of Dragons 5 :iconwiltingsoul:WiltingSoul 3 0 Mother of Dragons 4 by WiltingSoul Mother of Dragons 4 :iconwiltingsoul:WiltingSoul 4 5 Mother of Dragons 3 by WiltingSoul Mother of Dragons 3 :iconwiltingsoul:WiltingSoul 5 0 Mother of Dragons by WiltingSoul Mother of Dragons :iconwiltingsoul:WiltingSoul 2 0 Stalking by WiltingSoul Stalking :iconwiltingsoul:WiltingSoul 2 0 Elegant by WiltingSoul Elegant :iconwiltingsoul:WiltingSoul 2 0 Huntress Unmasked 2 by WiltingSoul Huntress Unmasked 2 :iconwiltingsoul:WiltingSoul 2 0
Three stand before me.
Effortlessly disguising the raw strength I know they possess.
I am not afraid.
I am exhilarated
A sense of belonging I've been so desperate for, I have now found.
Golden irises flash, black pupils reflecting the light in a show of familiarity.
I am one of them.
They know that now
The change comes swiftly. Overtaking my body, forcing me low to the ground. It's over before it starts.
My second form is better than my first. I can keep up with them now. This is what I look forward to every night.
Moving low across the ground on lightly placed paws. Senses alert to everything that surrounds me.
The freedom I have now is overwhelming. Pleasant in every way possible. I never want it to end.
And yet it must
Eventually I am forced back into the less graceful of my two forms. Sunrise is on it's way, yet I am not sad.
My pack is still here, lying around me as we rest, my naked skin flushed from the exer
:iconwiltingsoul:WiltingSoul 0 0
Girl Skin
So alone in the darkness.
Night blind.
Catching only glimpses of silvery moonlight reflecting off damp leaves.
Something is creeping close.
Fight or flight time.
I cannot defend myself in my human skin.
Alone I am weak.
Glowing red eyes creep ever closer.
The demons have arrived.
My heartbeat races and I clench my fists tightly.
The demons smile wickedly as I throw back my head.
My exposed neck sends them into frenzy.
They are blind to the sly smile I now wear.
I take a deep breath,
preparing myself.
The demons slink closer,
thinking I’ve given up.
Certain I’m ready to gasp my last breath,
screaming as they attack.
I release the air I’ve gathered.
But I don’t scream.
I howl
The demons pause in their advance,
momentarily startled by the outburst.
The howl trails away in the night,
my breathing now ragged.
For just a moment time freezes.
The demons hiss in anger.
How dare I try to stall them.
A single howl will not
:iconwiltingsoul:WiltingSoul 0 0
Hidden by WiltingSoul Hidden :iconwiltingsoul:WiltingSoul 4 0 Strike a Pose by WiltingSoul Strike a Pose :iconwiltingsoul:WiltingSoul 3 2 Fiercely Real by WiltingSoul Fiercely Real :iconwiltingsoul:WiltingSoul 1 0

Random Favourites

My dear, it's time to fly.
Come on, my dear.
You know what you have to do.
You've barred your heart, you've blocked your feelings.
Don't let emotions escape tonight, or any night.
You know how your walls crumble at night.
It's not worth it--you've seen it, lived it, felt it.
Have strength.
You know that this is for the best.
You'll be stronger, better, wiser.
I know you're sad, bitter, jaded.
That it hurts you to see them turn away.
You've had so much faith in them.
But you know now, deep down, that they don't care.
They only care about themselves, no matter what they say.
That they do it out of spite--to hurt you.
So play the game, love.
Give them their just desserts.
Care about yourself; why give a damn when they don't?
For now, enjoy the freedom.
I'm right behind you, darling.
And, unlike them, I'll never let you fall.
You've been hurt, betrayed, lied to.
By them. Them, the ones you care most about.
The ones you gave your heart to.
And they smashed you to pieces.
I'm sorry I let them get to you--I
:iconlovedtoday:lovedtoday 3 6
Ws Vibrant stock touchup by VPhototouchup Ws Vibrant stock touchup :iconvphototouchup:VPhototouchup 1 3 mothership by Gerridwen mothership :icongerridwen:Gerridwen 11 24
Speak to your inner child.
Cheer up, dearie.
Everything'll work out in the end.
It always has, hasn't it?
You needn't worry about everything so much.
I mean, looking back, nothing ever really seems as bad as it was back then.
Wouldn't you say?
Changes in priority.
That's all it is, you know.
Whoever said that they knew what they were doing until afterwards, anyway?
It'll all be over soon.
And then, you can do whatever the hell you want.
Oh, it shall be grand.
A restless mind with a vengeance.
I promise that they'll be treated as fairly as I have been.
Do you think I'll forget everything they've done?
I'll be impartial. Unbiased. Or rather, as much as I can be.
Time to grow up, love.
This time, it's in your favor.
The window's open.
Now, only to jump.
And then, you'll be free.
I know it's not fair. That you're a good kid.
That you're just looking for someone--anyone--who can relate.
And now, now you've found him.
I know you didn't mean for things to get so bad.
For him to get hurt by them.
:iconlovedtoday:lovedtoday 3 6
Honey. Come on. Get up.
That's it. Breathe.
Let it in, fill your lungs with it.
The sweet pangs let you know you're alive.
That's it. Just keep your head up.
Above the water; above everything else.
That's all that's important anyway.
What was it all for? You know this. It was for you.
But is it still? No, your priorities have changed,
Haven't they? Mmm. You've grown soft.
You've let yourself go, my dear.
But why?
Ah, sympathy. Retribution? Guilt? Loneliness?
Perhaps, perhaps. It's all grey anyhow, beneath the water.
Come on, think. What is all of this for? Who is it for?
Why are you doing this? Why not just sink?
Let go. Why fight it?
As each breath wavers, as each limb loses strength.
Oh, it's just so easy. But why not?
You know perfectly well.
You won't let them down. You won't let yourself down.
That's why. Come on, bring us up.
Up out of the water.
:iconlovedtoday:lovedtoday 3 6
In Spite.
This last while, I've smiled while my heart sobbed
I've laughed while my soul drowned
I've been in complete denial.
In spite of myself, I hope to save me.
In spite of myself, I hope for love
For the glory of a king
Of my king, with me as his queen.
For the things that used to be
For the things that never will
To live the past as the future
And see the tears dry
And life to go on.
In spite of myself, I refuse to let go.
To feel my heart stop
To watch my love wilt
I'd do it all over again, in spite of myself.
:iconlovedtoday:lovedtoday 2 3
Under Lock and Key.
Emotion, I put you away.
Back into your decorated box,
In the corner drawer of my desk.
You cause me too much in vain.
Love, you add so much to my life,
The joys, the bliss, the passion.
The pain, the drama.
No, my dear, it's time for you to come inside.
I think it's going to rain.
You, honey, you yourself.
What have you done?
It's too late to cry over spilt milk;
I'm sorry, I'm afraid you'll have to go too.
:iconlovedtoday:lovedtoday 1 0
Back to the flame.
With loss comes one of two things: defeat, or power.
To feel forsaken, to be cast away--after all that I've done, everything I've given? Oh no, no, no. Dearheart, remember that old trope, "What doesn't kill you makes you stronger." And my, oh my. How I've forgotten.
The power.
No, I refuse to be thrown down and trampled, defeated and forgotten. You dare to hurt me? Me? Hah. We'll see what happens to you. I spent last night re-forging everything I've let crumble. I had let myself go, I let myself feel. For you, because I thought that the risk was worth it; I thought that you were worth it. It was all for you. I let myself love, and all I've gotten in return was hurt. Hurt, calloused, jaded, and embittered. You think that you can just let me go like that? You think that you're the only one with emotions? You think that you're the only one who can be bitter?
My, oh my, you'll see just how wrong you were.
I've a long, long fuse when it comes to dealing with emot
:iconlovedtoday:lovedtoday 1 4
Infernal Delirium by eclipse79 Infernal Delirium :iconeclipse79:eclipse79 4 22 The Futures Path by AlanSmithers The Futures Path :iconalansmithers:AlanSmithers 72 51 Welcome To Existence... by x-xMELx-x Welcome To Existence... :iconx-xmelx-x:x-xMELx-x 1 6 Which One Is Real? by x-xMELx-x Which One Is Real? :iconx-xmelx-x:x-xMELx-x 1 10 Guarding Vampire Kari by VampHunter777 Guarding Vampire Kari :iconvamphunter777:VampHunter777 24 12 Goodbye my friend by tragedywithin Goodbye my friend :icontragedywithin:tragedywithin 20 33



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