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005 - Water starter fakemon

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Concept: 1st Water Starter

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Nice sprite! I plan on doing something like this for my Fakemon game. If you can make a tutorial an how to do this?
Cause your really good at this. 
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Oh, thank you! That means so much to me ^_^

About the tutorial, I don't have a normal way to do this kind of stuff. First I do a fast drawing of what I want my Pokémon to be, then I start fixing lines everywhere. After that, I paint it with colors from official pokémon sprites (very important!) and finally I do the shadows. Maybe it's a good idea to make a tutorial, I'll think about it!
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I help give ideas! That's my motto! 
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Now I'm spending a busy month in my college, but after that I may do the tutorial!

Do you mean you can give me ideas? If so, you can give me suggestions of what I should explain for the tutorial! :D ... or maybe I don't understand the sentence XD
Darkattributes197's avatar
Well, I can give you ideas, but what I meant was a give everybody ideas for stuff. I'm that one Idea's person.
WilsonScarloxy's avatar
Ah ok xDD I'll try to do the best.
Darkattributes197's avatar
Okay! Good luck in College!
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I wish i could be such a great spriter like you,i just started and it
looks all poopy,could you please help me by showing me a tut or something?
It would really help me,i just want to get ideas and make them real !
Also my big dream was to make my own fakedex and pokemon game with em
inside :) !
Anyways great job,...iwould write a critique but im bad at that ^^''
WilsonScarloxy's avatar

I'm thinking about a tut of tiling and another of spriting in the future, just wait xD

NotOriginalUsername's avatar
Oh,well i've done today
morning a great sprite,..but its too big :P
and when i resie it to smaller it looks crappy
so,is there any solution ?I used
Oh btw ur welcome :D
WilsonScarloxy's avatar
I recommend you do it again in the size you want, and you will practice more!
NotOriginalUsername's avatar
Well there's a problem because i always first scan the
thingie then resize it to pixels and then just
make the lines so it will be again so big x.x
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No creia que fueses tambien spriter.
WilsonScarloxy's avatar
Son mis primeros sprites xD
JustZito's avatar
Me das asco. D:
JustZito's avatar
CrisFarias's avatar
Awesome sprite! O.o
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