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Green and blue

Well this one were made for a possible client, client prefers stock icons as were a lot of them and cheaper so i release them here don't ask for more there's not more :P

5 icons in 128px each png format.
Gallery, Downloads, Emoticons, Calendar and folder.
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This perfect for my class report this coming Monday.How to download or use this?: thanks for sharing it..
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Also if you're in need of any other specific graphics, I'm a graphic designer and you can contact me at

Work samples here:

Hope to hear from you soon.
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Hi, you can download them on the right sidebar with the download button, I'd love if you could place an attribution link to my dribbble page, something like this:

Icons by Juan Gomez

I'm glad you found an use for them.
Can u make another set of these, maybe with a phone. These icons are so awesome and I need them for a project I'm doing. Plzzzzzz!!! and thank you so much
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Hi, this icons were created a lot of time ago already; I'm not creating more than this, however I work creating graphics such as this and if you have a budget I can make some for you ;), I give you permission to use the ones on this set, if you can credit me somewhere on your project I'll be glad, if possible include Credit: Juan Gomez - . Thanks ;)
Hi, can I use your icons for our school's alumni apps? Thanks for letting me know.
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sure, if possible i'd like if you could place a link back to "Juan Gomez - [link]"
Thank you so much-I will. Love your work--will refer you for graphic design work in the future. Thanks. Vivian
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you're welcome
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I love these! I'm going to link to you, too! :)
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Thanks, appreciated.
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thk erry much
Hey can I use for my website. I really like theses icons and would like to promote your work
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if you can place a link back to [link] by Juan Gomez i'll really appreciate it.
halo wilson. great work! can i please use this icons for a client? its a new website for virtual servers in spain.
greetings from spain
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is it possible to add credit ? hazmelo saber ;)
Great Work! Can I use these icons for a client? I'm redesigning their website and these icons would look great. This is the website that they have now. Link I'm updating it with a more modern look.
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is it possible to give credit ?
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