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Well if there's one pony I love drawing more than any other, it's Trixie. Since season 1 I've adored this showmare and she's come so far in the series I couldn't be happier how she turned around!
Thanks for looking 
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Smug horse is smug. Cute work!
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If it's one thing Trixie is, it's smug! Thanks so much :)
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This is quite lovely.  Trixie is one of the iconic mares of the show.  I liked her the very first instant I saw her and I can look at art of her all day.  Her voice alone is sooooooo seductive and it matches her look and personality.  Being a late comer to the show, I missed out when she was super popular.  I could literally watch an entire season just about Trixie.
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I'm so glad they brought her back and stuck her with glim glam. I wish she was around more and would give anything to have an entire show with her!