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The Wilshire Collection 2014

By wilshirewolf
Equestria Daily is running another collection event. So its been about 2 years since I updated but here it is!
All, and I mean all of the plushies are custom made from the many talented people here on Deviant Art. I'd love to credit all of them but I just don't have the time to do so, my apologies. Regardless a huge thank you to all of the artists that made my collection possible! If you see a certain pony you like in there and you want to know who made it feel free to ask. :)
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Haha an appropriate reaction!
CMC--Scootaloo's avatar
Wow! :O

Where have you gotten those three gigantic plushies from? :O
And how big are they? :O
wilshirewolf's avatar
haha they are really big. Pinkie twilight and trixie are about 4 1/2 feel tall

Pinkie was made by :iconmagnastorm:
Trixie and Twilight were both made by :icondoublebackstitcharts:
CMC--Scootaloo's avatar

I just looked up the prices and it turned out that my only chance to ever get life-size plushies is to win in the lottery.....
Well, guess I will play in every draw beginning with next month now. :D
SqueeDorableplushies's avatar
I know where the life size trixie and twilight came from... those hooves give that away... HAHAHA well besides just knowing those plushies anywhere... nice collection... oh if you have a family dollar near you they have tattoos, and some larger vinyl ponies, the fash ems things and a couple of other items. that is, if you were looking to expand XD
wilshirewolf's avatar
Indeed! Only one person that I know of that does hooves that way.
At this point I may be looking to downsize >.>
SqueeDorableplushies's avatar
I keep my collection small.. X3 

And yes, i believe he is the only person who does hooves that way XD 
munchforlunch's avatar
Hahaha, Trixie throwing Twilight still cracks me up!
wilshirewolf's avatar
Trixie Alicorn flight school :)
JCKing101's avatar
I'm so jealous...
Orion487's avatar so jealous I can't even put it into words.
wilshirewolf's avatar
Putting things into words is kinda your deal so I am shocked! :D
Damned impressive!
DoubleBackstitchArts's avatar
I'm Commander Backstitch, and this is my favorite collection on the Citadel.
wilshirewolf's avatar
Haha Thanks Commander!
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