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Equestrian Collection

Well a few people wanted to see my full collection and since Equestria Daily is running a contest this seems the ideal time to post it. As you can see most of my collection consists of Plushies as I'm more interested in unique items rather than the official merchandise. Mostly Trixie related merchandise for that matter :D
I would love to credit all the wonderful artists but it would take quite a bit of time, so if you want to know who made what feel free to ask!

Well good luck to everypony that entered!
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Sep 23, 2012, 1:06:49 AM
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i would give you my soul just for the rainbowdash in the daring doo outfit
KrazyKari's avatar
How much did this all cost?
DarkDemonWolf76's avatar
I will find you....and steal every one of your joke
wilshirewolf's avatar
A threat I'm quite used to hearing, but very understandable!
DarkDemonWolf76's avatar
only the ones that look good and aren't completely wrong :I
MHaruspex's avatar
Wow, and I thought I had a pretty big Trixie collection. Wizards' hats off to you, sir.
makeshiftwings30's avatar
i'm so glad you entered! i was wondering if you would.
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I figured I would give it a shot at least and some people wanted to see my plush collection anyways :)
A-Sleepy-Dragon's avatar
That... Is the best collection ever!

This is truly my reaction [link]
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Haha thank you so much!
SerendipityDucky's avatar
I spy the cutie mark crusaders <3
Phinabellafan247's avatar
And I see only two Fluttershys. Fluttershies? Fluttershis? I know no name grammer.
SerendipityDucky's avatar
Haha I have no idea ....I'd probably just go with "fluttershy plushies". :)
wilshirewolf's avatar
yup they're in there :)
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