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Muslim Manga Month 4 - Page6

By Wilpan
Submit for MMM contest in :iconmuslim-manga: month 4
Really bad in English dialogue, need more critique

Tittle : Ima
Episode : Hijab
Page : 6 of 8

Cover : [link]
Page1 : [link]
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"My dad won't allow me to wear my hijab"

"Oh, I understand. In this case you just need one thing."

"It's about your family and your obligation as a muslim"

Sorry, but I don't understand 'tauhid'. Does it mean honour or something similar?

"Because a muslim woman must wear a hijab."

And what is "astagfirulloh", please?

"I will keep wearing this hijab cause I'm a muslim."

I don't know about 'survive' in this context. Do you mean prevail, maybe?

"And to give a good/strong reason to your father, you can read the Qur'an An Nuur: 31 to him."

Hope that helps a bit :) But I think it's good to understand already.
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thanks for the suggestion before,
now i will answer your questions;
  1. tauhid, or tawhid is a concept of moslem people, especially the monotheism of God [link]

  2. astagfirulloh mean please forgive me, God! in the arabic language

  3. you're right about the survive in this case, a prevail to wearing hijab is the point of this story
hope you understand with my sentences :D
and i'm so thanks alot for your 'want to know taste' about our religion, as a moslem i'm so appreciated
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I see :) So maybe, if you want to teach non Muslims about Islam, you could actually use "May Allah forgive me/Allah (please) forgive me" so all English speakers will understand.

I think most non Muslims already know "Allahu akhbar" or "Mash Allah" (الله أَكْبَر‎, ما شاء الله )sorry, I'm not sure about the spelling in English ;) )and maybe one or two other phrases ... but most other stuff will difficult to them. Even when they read on a flight that the meals are "halal" (حلال‎ sorry, no idea how to spell it again)they don't know what it means.

So again ... this way, you can teach about Islam in a positive way ;) Cause you will have some curious people like me who want to learn :)
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good idea,
maybe i must pick some translated sentenses in the artist's comment next time :D
ofcourse for helping the other people like you to understanding easily :D
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You could ... also you could tell people how if was for women before Islam.

Cause many non Muslims always think that Islam is opressing women ... but they never even touchend the Qu ran, leave alone read it.

They just see that a man can have four wives ... and don't like it. but did they know that men used to have as many wives as they liked before and simply could disrespect them and kill them? No, they don't.

So ... there's much to learn,I think. And it's better to learn here, through art, than through the news, were most of the reporst are about Taliban and sucicide bombers :(
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yes, you're right, many people just know about polygamy, pressure to mooslem woman and 'taliban' terror, forget about what the noble of Islam.

many learn, ofcourse we need!
maybe i'll try to take some popular islamic rumor and the truely point of them in manga. but i don't think so about the good sentences in english, haha :D
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*grins* Well ... if it's in the manga, people will read ... and will try to understand and do some research :) So they'll learn.
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thumb up for you!! :hug:
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