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Muslim Manga Month 4 - Page1

By Wilpan
Submit for MMM contest in :iconmuslim-manga: month 4
Really bad in English dialogue, need more critique

Tittle : Ima
Episode : Hijab
Page : 1 of 8

Cover : [link]
Page1 : [link]
Page2 : [link]
Page3 : [link]
Page4 : [link]
Page5 : [link]
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Does 'ashar' means prayer?
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or please read this for detailed muslim prayer: [link]
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thank you for the link - it was very interesting:) I knew some of the things, but now I also know the names in Arabic too :)

I might forgt it again, but maybe I'll just recognise them after reading some more :)
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sounds like you're so interesting with moslem..
sorry for the poor description, because of my limited english skill :D

hope you can enjoy with it
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Oh, don't worry, can understand you quite well :)

And yes, I'm interested in Islam ... and I also have many Muslim friends, but most are Turkish, so sometimes the words they use are a bit different. Or they just translate it, cause they know everything else might comfuse non Muslims ;)
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having many friends is great :D
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*nods* And it's good, cause it teaches you tolerance too ... and it's nice to know what's important to your friend's heart and what is going on in there lives.

One of my friends actually already made her Hadsh! I'm so happy for her, cause it had been her dream for a long time ... and when she made it, she was only 18 or 19 :)
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what is 'Hadsh' ..??
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here i am, :heart:
okey, first i will tell you about the '5 times a day pray' in muslim called 'shoolah fardlu', there are subuh, dzuhur, ashar, maghrib and isya;
  • subuh : timing at before sunshine until the sunshine

  • dzuhur : timing at the sun inclined to the west until ashar time

  • ashar : timing at the shadow of the things more long than that things until maghrib

  • maghrib : timing at sunset

  • isya : timing at loss of red light in the west sky until subuh

for detail prayer time, look at: [link] sorry for indonesian word

so ashar mean timing for ashar pray :D
do you understand? ehehe.. ^^;
hope you understand with my explanation, but any question i'll received :hug:
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Ah, ok, thank you :) I checked the link and it's actually quite easy to understand. I was just wondering if it was an Arabic or Indonesian word you forgot to translate because it is so common.

And I was also asking because I thought it would be easier with a translation for non Muslims. Of course I don't now at what group of people you're aiming, but since it's in English, I tought it was made for us non Muslims, sorry ;)

So if you translate ashar as "afternoon" prayer (so maghrib can become evening prayer and so on)it's easy for everybody to understand. That way, people can learn about Islam ... this is why I like your manga: it teaches about people in Indonesia and what they feel like ... it's not about how you have to be a Muslim. That means non Muslims can read it and enjoy it - I think :)

And that way you can support Islam in a very positive way :)
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nice idea, i will try in the next story, insya Alloh :hug:
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