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Muslim Manga Month 3 - Page6

By Wilpan
Submit for MMM contest in :iconmuslim-manga: month 3
Really bad in English dialogue, need more critique

Tittle : Husna
Episode : Soolah Jum'ah
Page : 6 of 6

soolah = daily prayer for muslim
jum'ah = friday
khotib = speaker in islamic content, lector
khotbah = islamic topic that inform in the prayer time or islamic time
mimbar = time (and place) for the khotib
rokaat = many part (quantity of part) of soolah
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MusliMultimedia's avatar
masyaAllah!!You hav plenty of fikratul-Manga!!
Wilpan's avatar
i just collaborate drawing and "dakwah"..

wish my art can be usefull,
Soo-Me's avatar
you know that i never knew about the rokaat rule! so i got a new information from this lovely story^^
keep it up & wish you all the best in the contest^^
Wilpan's avatar
i'm so appreciate it
thanks for watching,
hope i can give more important message in my art :D

Soo-Me's avatar
i voted for you for the first place too;)
Wilpan's avatar
oh yea?
how nice are you, LOL :w00t:
i'm so thank you,
thanks for your attention, your support, and also your vote,
i'm so grattitude,

Soo-Me's avatar
ur welcome:D just keep up the good work, looking forward to seeing your next manga^^
Wilpan's avatar
really thankyou
sakura02's avatar
Nice message, I love when you do these :D I hope you do another one for next month. If you need help with the English I'll be more than happy to help ^_^ just send me the pages or send me a note with the words and I'll correct them for you :D :hug: Good work :clap:
Wilpan's avatar

i'm so gratefull,
so thank you so much my friend :tears:
sakura02's avatar
Of course just send me a note anytime :D :hug:
Wilpan's avatar
insya Alloh,
really thank you~
narkAlmasy's avatar
But I like the story~ I guess the message's more important~ ^^

and some of the english words are wrong~ ^^
Wilpan's avatar
really thank you my friend,
i know my english so bad,
need the help,
i'm so appreciated :tears:
narkAlmasy's avatar
It's never late to improve you know~ ^^
Good luck~ If you read a lot, your english will be good eventually~ ^^
Please don't be sad my friend~ ^^
Wilpan's avatar
keep on fire :onfire: to improve english skill
CrAzy-LAzy's avatar
it's nice.. but only some English words weren't right..
u need to prove ur English.. :)

poin >> point** :) the correction
Wilpan's avatar
so thank you so much :D

i will correct it as soon as i can :D
CrAzy-LAzy's avatar
you're welcome :P
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