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Muslim Manga Month 3 - Page5

By Wilpan
Submit for MMM contest in :iconmuslim-manga: month 3
Really bad in English dialogue, need more critique

Tittle : Husna
Episode : Soolah Jum'ah
Page : 5 of 6
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nice manga, if you drew it more fantastic, it will be more flexible, but i need a muslim like you..
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insya Alloh,
thanks for supporting me..
hope we can be friend..
CrAzy-LAzy's avatar
if I were the guy next to Husna I would have slaped him in his face to wake up ^^"
he have to do "al wodhooa" again if he slept b4 praying ;P
Wilpan's avatar

it's look interesting~
okey, okey,
sleep is the one cause the "wodhooa" is over, i mean lost, but in this case, it be different :D
CrAzy-LAzy's avatar
no, it's not different :P

he had to go wash again.. (ytwadhaa) ^_^"
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wait wait, please give me the time for finding the strong answer,

cause until now, i often (maybe always) heard that the "sleept" in khotbah jum'ah, with criteria:
- not moving
- not lean in wall or something
- not in the confortable potition
- not lost the awakeness, still hearing
it is not the same with "sleep" that can make our "wodooa" is over..

maybe you can ask your teacher or your parent abut it, cause your question so disturbing my mind about this case, so i must find the strong answer for it, wanna help me?

thanks majnoonah,
i'm so happy to get your question
CrAzy-LAzy's avatar
ok.. I'll ask about it..

I'll google ;P
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