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MM - Ramadhan is Here Contest

By Wilpan
This is my submitting for :iconmuslim-manga: "Ramadhan is here" contest.
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© 2009 - 2021 Wilpan
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Kinggigasmon's avatar
Unfortunately, fire would just get the devil off more...

He likes fire...
Wilpan's avatar
no, if Alloh want to kill the devils, why not? it's so possible!!
D-a-m-i-r's avatar
LOL BURN the devil, how ironic XD
Wilpan's avatar
why not?
if Alloh want it, so that's possible!! :D

*sorry for slank grammar* :tears:
D-a-m-i-r's avatar
Ofcourse, you didn't understand me.
I said its ironic because hell is a place of fire and the devil burned sounds funny.
I dont say it can't, Allah can make anything possible
Wilpan's avatar
sorry for missunderstand you..
how are you dude? :hug:
D-a-m-i-r's avatar
no prob.
I'm good alhamdulillah, I hope you too.
Wilpan's avatar
amiin, thanks friend,
hope we can be a good friend :hug:
Mloun's avatar
Great picture ! :w00t:
Wilpan's avatar
many thanks :hug:
Mloun's avatar
many welcomes :boogie: !
Wilpan's avatar
dindasun's avatar
no comment...............happy
CrAzy-LAzy's avatar
nice drawing :P deep meaning ;P
Wilpan's avatar
really thank you my friend..
:icondoublehugplz: double hug for you~
Kauthar-Sharbini's avatar
Nice draw my little borother :clap: !!
no way !! he will never hurt cos Allah made him from fire
Wilpan's avatar
no no no..
Alloh have great things under this case,.. :flirty:
the devils made from fire, that's true, and i'm sure about it,
but do you know, fire will weak too with "more fire"..
cause the hell's fire is fire with multiply hot power until 700x than hottest fire in the world..

i have the same thing, one example for this case,
our cheek is made from skin, right? our hands too..
what do you feel if your cheek is slapped by the hand..?? will you never hurt..??

sorry for my complicated sentences
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