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Marble Pie & Big Mac? Looks like Pinkie Pie is up to her Pinki ways. I'm thinking these two or Big Mac Cheerilee, would be best, of cou...

Kaa: Your getting very ssleeepy. Sayaka: Kaa's very dreamy. Kaa: No nono, sleepy. Sayaka: Dreamy. Kaa: Ooooh, what am I going to do wit...

Seeing what has just happened, I come running in. With help, the crocadile is captured, & flipped upside down. Minutes are ticking, the...

Being a trophy hunter, I've study these girls for months. My special darts, are tipped with a special sleeping drug. As I edge one, I t...

Voices: Savage, you've gotten this far to turn back now.
Wowie zowie, I thought I'd seen it all, but you've rocked are world, like lightening.
Spike: You know, I've seen a lot, even serious things, & I know serious, fear, & now, I see determination.
More voices: I thought this winter was going to be dull, it's been a blast.
Apple Jack: Whooo boy, Equestria's never been like this before.
Sound of a door opening,  stepping out into the opening,Savage stepped into the field, to await his first of final rounds. He wandered, how was he going to win, without making a mess. What he stood for, hard aches. All for the best. These ponies happened to be the best next to the other survivors, including his SnapDragons,
You don't make it this far moping, history was being made, no time for sorrow, now's the time, to live life with meaning, as time march's on. Mom's era had ended, her chapter,  time to close that book, & undo, what, had been done. His first challenger......Discord?
Discord smiled & waved, Savage smiled back. This was different.
An announcer pony boomed, that due to some changes, a couple challengers had been added. First round being Discord, creature of chaos. Vs, SavageMoon, from Santa Hay.
Twilight, announced by her rule book, as always, with rules, Savage, had to counteract...BEGAN announced the princess of friendship, & Discord began, with chocolate rain. For counter attack, Savage produced strawberry milk,
the crowd whipped out cups. MMMMMMM.  Next Discord made the ground cover in ice. Savage doned ice grip shoes.
For his finally, Discord tried hypnotist. Savage slipped chrome shades, & closed his eyes. The hypnotized creature had
to be walked away, until some pony could snap him out of it.
For his second opponent, Princess Cadence, in which to his dismay, created a swarm of locust, which was countered with starved SnapDragons, after which, she threw in the towel.
Princess Twilight threw a question: What would you do if some pony's found out in the cold, with a cold, homeless?
Answer: Take him/her home, to a spare bed room, place them in bed, herbal, honey tea, soup, sandwich's, crackers,
& lots of rest.
Next Question: What'll you do, if Equestria's being attacked, by Santa Hay?
That hurt Savage, he pondered for a while, then replied that he'd try to gather information reguarding the cause,
try avoiding war @ all cost.
Final Question: What would you do, if AppleBloom causes trouble & you caught her?
Answer:  I'm sorry AppleJack, I'm a bad stallion.
Every pony laughed.
After Princess Twilight, came Queen Chrysis, to whom decided to try her hoof @ how well he could pick her out amongst her & two others, disguised. He won by no default.
Princess Celestia's first rounds were of trick questions: Why do you stay here in Equestria?
Answer: Along side of wanting to form an alliance, I hope to help make some improvements.
Second Question: How's that? Oops,
The princess blushed, that wasn't the question.
Answer: For one..............PARTY!!!!!!!!!!
From a distance, you could here Pinkie Pie flip over that answer.
Next, she did an acceptance test, where just like Twilight, with an egg, only this happened to be a winged dragoness.
with red scales. Looks like the foals will be having a new friend.
By now, it'd become night, & the final challenge, happened with a certain princess. This was based on a vote, to the scariest of the two. This was nerve wrecking, for a new show, between two new oponents.
Luna transformed into Nightmare Moon, Savage Moon turned the night to where none could see. Then, sounds of thundering hooves, earthquake, red eyes, shiny black hooves, balling, snorting, a stampede of ghost cattle, with cattle
driving ghost horses appeared,flash of light, lightning piercing cracks, with flash's of light. The new king of scare had been found.
"Oh, I didn't mean to over do it, looks, looks like I messed up, I failed. Better head home," Savage thought.
"SavageMoon?" Turning around, the victor saw Luna looking at him, with sadness in her eyes. "Whats wrong?"
When he explained how he felt, the princess, realized the wrong message had been sent.
In the background, a zip Rainbowdash whipped in between of them, in shock, since she loved the show, followed by a mob of fun hungry Equestrians, &, even though the spell was lifting slowly, it was a start.
It was only a matter of time.


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