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Pink Bedroom

hi all!!!
i love pink :) :) :) ...
pink... pink... pink... pink... pink... pink... (maniac ^-^)
lights: vray lights(6 lights) n phothometric taget point(4 lights)
render engine: vray (about 1 hour)
this is the wire:
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This design have been featured in the 12/12 Designs of week 22 [link]
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wow this is cute! I love the lighting.

:giggle: very asian too
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">< soo cute ..

i like it ....!!
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Keren Bro....
Shige-Pink? Wow.... :)
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Very good, nice job, nice textures and a good ilumination..

I found just 3 little problems with the scene


1- The blanket have some non-smothed parts...

2- The sofa is so squared and the texture is

3- The "abajour" ( i don't know how to say this in english...i'm gonna try...the object on the table in the left side of the bed that you put a light inside did )

this "object" is turned on, but it isan't translucid
Its not a problem, but if you correct it, your scene must be better...


Keep with the good work =)
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it is really awsome , nice color , very vivid , I like so much
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Oughhhhh..... your texturing is amazing!
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astagaaa...itu 3d????
keren abis will!!!!!!!!!
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Wah trims ya Po jadi tersanjung nih hahaha...
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serius will! keren banget, udah kaya foto pikir foto kamar cewek kamu...hehehh
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wah kamar cewekku... betul juga :)
btw ini benernya emang buat kamar ce...
buat sayumi :)
moga2 dia senang liat desain ini :)
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thats so welldone i like it, especially the sofa,what prog u use?
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Thanks :)...
I use 3ds max for this scene...
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okey,yr welcome
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