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SWAT Kats Season One Episode 7
SWAT KATS Season One
Episode 7 – Crush the Bound – Part 2
Strong winds carry the sands with high speed. Their sound is enough to make anyone scared. It’s the sound of death. A few refugee cats are hiding inside a cave near a small water pound. Dr. Infinity is there too. Two of his watches are broken. Only the red one is working. He looks at the raging storm outside the cave
Dr. Infinity:
The storm is calming down. We might get a chance to move and search for a new hiding place.
Female Cat #1:
Are you insane? We have water here, why would we need to risk our lives again outside!?
Dr. Infinity:
It will run out. Do you think this small quantity of water will last us? We will die if we don’t keep on moving.
Female Cat #1:
Keep moving then, it’s your fault for this!
Dr. Infinity:
How do you mean?
Female Cat #2:
That night, ten years ago, when Viper created the zombies, you let him do it. You, holding all of the power
:iconwillyoudieforme:willyoudieforme 7 0
The Final Curtain
The Final Curtain
When I look back
I see the road I traveled
It’s not a straight line
It’s curvy
Down a huge mountain it goes
Bumps and holes
Some big some small
It had curves
Branches of it turned to side roads
Some dead end
But most connected
All lead to the one big highway
I look back
At my life
How it all came to be
And I can say I did it my way
Brought to this world
Began my path
I walked
With my parents beside me
Guiding me
They were my signs
They showed me the right way
And I walked it
I walked it!
Years and years passed
Time changed
I changed
But the road never changed
I never looked back
Kept looking forward
Made branches in the road
I made so many friends
Oh my friends
I remember you all
All the smiles
And all the sorrows
Years passed
The road had changed
It changed from a dirt road
To a highway
Everyone were on it
But now
I reached the end
I face my final curtain.
I look back
At my life
How it all came to be
And I can say I did it my way
And now the end is here
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Goddess of Feathers
Богиня от Перушина
Високо в черните небеса
Където се гърми и трещи
Дъжд вали и град се троши
Там лети и тя
Една птица
По – бяла и от ангел
С перушина свята
Тя разперя криле
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SWAT Kats Season One Episode 6
SWAT KATS Season One
Episode 6 – Crush the Bound – Part 1
Night/ Outside Megacat city/ Pouring rain
A shadowy figure stands in front of the sign of Megacat city. He looks over the lights of the big city as he grins holding a bottle with red liquid and his tail swings around. A lightning strikes in the distance but illuminates the stranger’s face and he is Dr. Viper.
Dr. Viper:
Well now, shall we shatter the bounds?
Night/Junkyard/Pouring rain
Chance and Jake are sleeping. The TV is on only on static and from time to time catches a broadcast showing the weather saying only “It’s getting worse”. On top of a pile of junk Dr. Infinity is sitting observing the sleeping heroes. He takes out a white watch looking at it with a grin.
Dr. Infinity:
Oh lord. Listen to thee words of me. I, the one who spoke to past and disrupted the future. Listen to thee words of me.
He closes his eyes. And enters Chance’s dreams disrupting the beautiful dream of the hero
:iconwillyoudieforme:willyoudieforme 6 2
The night is long and dark
Only the moon shines
And only the wolves howl at it
:iconwillyoudieforme:willyoudieforme 2 1
House Stark
House Stark
Winter is Coming!
The cold of the snow
The cold of death
They come for us all
Slow they come
In the night
In the day
In the summer
Or in the winter
The Starks they say
Winter is Coming!
But is it so terrible?
A mother to ask for her child to live
And a brother to live a lie
A lie that torments his wife
Making a poor boy suffer the loneliness
But a brother to brothers he is
But a brother to sisters he is
But a bastard to his mother he is
A great family
A great name
And a cruel fate!
Soon the Quiet Wolf would howl to the moon again
His voice will be heard for one last time
Igniting the spark of the tribe
At War They Go!
For their father is Dead!
Now the Young Wolf leads
With glory in victory
With passion in deeds
With love in his heart
His sisters to save
So his family whole to be again
But in front of him something new there is
Undeniable, unbound true love
The wolf is not alone
He rejoice
But what terrible love can be
As duty calls
As honor calls
There is no place for
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Little Red Pebble Philosopher's stone
Little Red Pebble: Philosopher's Stone
“Little red rock. Little pebble. What are you doing in my way? Why do you block the path of God? Who told you to be here? What is your name little red pebble? I want to know, so I can name songs of you. The pebble who stood in God’s way.” – The old man in white robe said as he walked the narrow path in the mountains. A path that no one took, a path of death and sorrow. The only path that lead towards the heavens, towards the truth that lied beyond the shut closed doors that no one could ever open. But yet there was this man dressed in white, walking towards those same doors.
“Why do you have such a striking color? Who painted you this way? How many souls of the departed you carry within you little red pebble? Can’t you hear their crying voices within you? Can’t you feel all the sorrow within their tears? Are they but not the people who gave you this unholy yet so beautiful color?”
:iconwillyoudieforme:willyoudieforme 2 2
I am here
I am here
You spend the nights alone and crying
The tears are filling up your glasses
Your eyes are sore and red from the constant wiping
The days become long like cold nights for you
My bed is empty and tidy
You wake up in the morning and look at it
Sadly it’s towards the window and you could hear the happy noises
The birds are singing and the children are laughing
But I am gone and you are alone!
But I am still here by your side watching you cry
I stand in front of you my dear daughter and watch you suffer
But no more, don’t torment your soul
Live a happily life
Everyone comes and go, it is unenviable
In time all sorrows will pass and you will go on
Into the new day of the summer
I see you now happy, all grown up ….
Carry on and live on till the time of our reunion comes …
Until then …
:iconwillyoudieforme:willyoudieforme 11 4
The Last Pale Light
The Last Pale Light
Dark clouds gather around me
And the cold rain pours down on me
Washing away all the ashes in my hands
I hold my burned son
He is dead in my arms
I cry but it’s not helping
All is lost to the night
The end had finally came to me as well
We are dead in our own bodies
The light is pail and cold
Colder than ice
My soul is torn apart
My eyes can’t stop crying
I don’t have breath in my lungs
My blood is chill and froze inside of me
There are no more roads ahead of me
The earth is a black pitch
And I hold the dirt in my hands
In my way a setting sun
The dark clouds gather above me
And I will go on towards the end
But there is no light to guide me
I can’t breath
I can’t see
Can’t hear
My heart doesn’t beat
Is this the end I ask?
No redemption for me
Give me back my son you filthy fire
Give it all back
Make him come to my hands
Make his heart beat again.
Please, please, please, please …..
But it’s too late
The dark
:iconwillyoudieforme:willyoudieforme 7 0
The Falls
The Falls
The world is in runes and nothing is left after the devastating war
The nature dies with every day that passes and pollution rises
No living thing is left on the surface of the burned Earth
The waters are fading due to the blazing sun above the runes
Every piece of life has been taken away from this world
All the humans are now dead because of their egoistic devotions
They died in the flames of the nuclear war they’ve started
And now the Earth is just a toxic waste in space
But there is hope for life to start again in this desert planet
In a remote place deep inside the runes of the past world there is a falls
And that falls is bringer of the new life for the planet
He is the cure for this toxic cancer of the planet
The waters that run are from pure water
They run with hope inside of them
A hope for a new beginning for the world
The falls is the only one left and it’s the last hope for salvation
But scavengers pollute the waters with their filth
The virgin waters ar
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All the Memories
All the Memories
I remember all the golden times of our youth
I can still recall all of our memories
The day lives were so fantastic
Filled with the joy of many things, can you remember them:
There were fantastic movies
Who actually had a story to follow
And that story held us for many nights to come
And all of them were truly able to make you cry like a baby
Do you remember their names
The names we mentioned the next day we saw each other
Because I know them and I know a movie that made us both cry
Have you forgotten this movie: “All Dogs Go To Heaven” a movie so wonderful and sad
Oh the music
Melodies that are hard to forget
And every now and then I listen to them
Remembering all the emotions we felt back then
Singing our favorite songs all day long
We couldn’t stop doing so no matter how irritating it was
But every moment was priceless and the memories of one song never fade
Can you sing it to me, sing me: “Sting – Shap
:iconwillyoudieforme:willyoudieforme 16 3
It goes on 3 Forbidden Affection
It goes on:
Forbidden Affection
All that feelings deep inside of each and every one of us.
They are unshared because of the hatred that comes by them being different.
And it hurts having them deep inside my soul.
To love someone and never be able to tell that person everything.
It’s hard to live in this harsh world.
In all this hate love is nothing more than a word.
Depressed because of that I stand alone against this hate.
Never allowed to be with the person I love.
And the reason for that is none other than me!
That is just pathetic.
It’s sad being different from the others around me.
Being hate by them because of the real me.
These feelings inside of me are devastating and painful.
It hurts to love that person and to never be with him.
But different people are not allowed to love.
I can never tell that person how I feel.
Since I am way too different from the others.
I am not allowed to have any affection towards my beloved one.
So close and yet so far away in two different
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11 Days 11 Nights Day Two 2
11 Days – 11 Nights
Day Two “2” – Meet the Gods who Doomed us All
On the fading horizons
Cities are burning
And worlds are ending
All the is left to
Are the dead walking
The gunshots echo
And our echo is fading away
Only the roar of the dead
Remains to echo
Into the lands of despair
The decay of the living
Grows and grows
Till the very last drop
Of the blood of the living
And worlds collide
And then we all die
When the dawn comes to an end
The we all say goodbye
And we shall never know again
What is like to be alive
When the world is ending
The dead arise
To show us what is like
To be the ones who get
Get to be the punished ones
And when our bones are broken
And all the words are spoken
And the dead are walking
We are all choking
On our final breath!
Walkthrough of the day:
It’s been two days since the virus was set lose and all the humanity started to decay. The dead were rising and taking down the living. All the Balkan counties were lost in just under two da
:iconwillyoudieforme:willyoudieforme 6 0
Lone Wolf
Lone Wolf
Time and time again you leave us with despair
Begging for your love my dear mother Moon
After all this long road we’ve run on into shadows deep
You never were there at the end of the lone road
You never gave us the love you gave to others
You forsaken your sons and plugged to the humans
They destroy your grace mother by saying you are evil
And yet again you turn your back at us your children
Children who love you and sing to you
We sing our sorrow songs at night hoping you can hear them
Hoping you can hear us and look at us with your beautiful light
But that never happens since you no longer love us
You gave away your love for your children away
The humans hunt us and kill us while you close your eyes
Our blood covers the forests and the cliffs and you still don’t look at us
We are dying mother while your eyes are closed for us
You’ve turned your back at us while we moan for you
Our howl becomes hallow by every night that passes
With every night we fade by the
:iconwillyoudieforme:willyoudieforme 27 15
Why the Difference
Why the Difference
We are all people of this world but there is still hate
And it lives in each and every one of us
Just waiting to be triggered and to come out
And when it comes out it can never be stopped
That hate is created by the mass media
By the religion and other methods of control
They tell us what we should hate and never accept
They teach the youngsters all that is wrong in their point of view
But what is wrong being the person you are?
Is it wrong to be ourselves?
To express what we think and feel, what we love and cherish
Is that really all wrong with us?
Are we really that different in your eyes?
But we are just normal people fighting for our lives
Trying to make a place for ourselves in this small world
In which we can't hide from the eyes of those who are hungry for our blood
They hunt us like the predators they are
And we are just the catch of the day
Feeding on us, on our weakness
They know that when we are alone we are weak
Our lives end with the gun shoot
With the f
:iconwillyoudieforme:willyoudieforme 16 6
Burning Warmth by willyoudieforme Burning Warmth :iconwillyoudieforme:willyoudieforme 21 4


Scars of a past generation by Shue13 Scars of a past generation :iconshue13:Shue13 1,136 29 Try Everything by TsaoShin Try Everything :icontsaoshin:TsaoShin 5,900 515 Genji by TsaoShin Genji :icontsaoshin:TsaoShin 6,748 701 Spirit by TsaoShin Spirit :icontsaoshin:TsaoShin 4,947 380 [263] Aurora by mcptato [263] Aurora :iconmcptato:mcptato 1,097 24 SK - Purrfect Lovers by datingwally
Mature content
SK - Purrfect Lovers :icondatingwally:datingwally 184 102
Cladnature by wacalac Cladnature :iconwacalac:wacalac 308 7 Icons For Melon and Grinse by LiLaiRa Icons For Melon and Grinse :iconlilaira:LiLaiRa 1,603 42 Vergence by Diives Vergence :icondiives:Diives 634 33 Bwom by Twokinds Bwom :icontwokinds:Twokinds 1,684 225 Pulp Fiction by Twokinds Pulp Fiction :icontwokinds:Twokinds 2,169 131 mood v3 by hannes-flo mood v3 :iconhannes-flo:hannes-flo 559 19 Preparations by atryl Preparations :iconatryl:atryl 2,062 47
What does it feel like to have a purpose?
What does it feel like to be free?
What does it feel like to know what love tastes like?
Is it the sound of gentle determination, or
the sight of a purple-and-blue sky, or
the taste of caring for one who deserves it?
Is it the desperation of falling on your knees, or
knowing there’s no one to take care of you, or
feeling like you’re better off dead all the time?
Is it the knowledge that you matter, or
to be able to show your insides, or
seeing the little things burrow a hole in their mind?
Is it growing tired of never getting it right, or
always looking for ways to chain yourself down, or
being jealous of others who get what you want?
Is it the pride of knowing you can do whatever you want, or
being able to let yourself flow down the river of time, or
finding the one you can’t live without?
Purpose is a choice, and
freedom is inside, and
love is when you let them know that you will try
:iconshigahoshii:ShiGaHoshii 4 6
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I'll be moving to a new account. This is it:

I'll start be active there around November since I'll be leaving for the USA in a few days and won't have the chance to be active. 

If you want you can follow me there ^^

I'll continue to write the screen play for the SWAT Kats and try to improve my skills as a screenplay writer.

Thank you for following me all this time <3 I love you guys 
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