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Hi folks !
Just a quick heads-up to let you know plenty of WIPs and Rougs have been posted on both my Instagram and Tumblr accounts.
Here are the links, please subscribe to let me know what you think and allow me to spread my works a little more !
IG : MrWillyMerry…
Tumblr :

Facebook is still on, as always ;)
Willy Merry…

Oh, and here's Twitter : Mr_WillyMerry…

See you there !

I'm very much delighted to introduce you my bran new redesigned and recalibrated website !
Many things have changed, aiming at a simpler yet elegant and pure way of showing you my work.

See you at !
Greetings !

Just a little update to let you know that TeePublic is hosting a BLACK FRIDAY sale that lasts up until the end of CYBER MONDAY.
All tees of mine are 14$ a piece, so don't hesitate ! Christmas is coming, it's a great time to get all those gifts ready ;)
For the occasion I uploaded a new design, go check it out !
Shop :…

A bientôt !

Summer is coming, how about some TEES ?
Here's for something fresh !
This is something I've been wanting to do for some time. Only, I never could find a quality print service for printed tee-shirts.
Well, fate has smiled upon me..!

You can now find some illustrations of mine available up as tee-shirt designs at TeePublic !
This is just the beginning, many more ideas are to come so stay tuned !

Oh, and, there's a welcoming sale going on for the next 72 hours for all my designs ;)
14$ the tee-shirt !…

Hey there !
Time for a little Winter cleaning, huh ?!

I just launched a TUMBLR account.
 You'll find many things over there :
Paintings & co..!

So here's a little update on some places where you can find my works on this vast cybernetic land :
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Hello there !
It's been a while,  huh ?

A few months ago, I landed on the Japanese soil.
I am currently living in Fukuoka, on the island of Kyushu.
I will have many drawings about Japan showing up very soon !

Also, my website just got finished :
You can find there many interesting things such as a gallery, a blog page...

And my Facebook page is still online !…

Thank you,
See you soon !

Willly Merry
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Hello Willies & Merries,

A new exhibition is on its way, it will once again happen in Bordeaux -this time at the Bistro Urbain (7, rue des Bahutiers).
If you somehow get to pass by, come and take a look !

Also, my Facebook Page is still active ! You can join it there :

Have a good day, or maybe night..!
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Hello there !

I thought I'd let you know I do have now a Facebook "Like" page ! You can join me and the other Willies and Merries by clicking here !…
News will be mostly in English !
Your support is important ! See you there !

Also, the exhibition's on its way and I have now many details about it. It's in Bordeaux -France, so I'm going French about it :
L'exposition de mes travaux débutera le 22 novembre et ce jusqu'au 15 décembre 2010 à la parfumerie ARTISAN PARFUMEUR (1, Place Gambetta) à Bordeaux.
Le 22 novembre à 19h00 aura lieu un vernissage, n'hésitez pas à passer !
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Hello there !

I just got the green light to make an exhibition of my works in a couple of months in a great perfumery in the French city I'm currently living in ! I am proud of this, but I need your help now because I'm somehow...broke! So, COMMISSIONS are up starting today. And so are PRINTS !
Here are the informations you might want :

I take 20€/30$ for a small commission (portrait, little tattoo..). Most significant illustrations are to be discussed but would remain around 45 €/60$. Commissions are sent as High-Resolution files.

The prints I sell are high-quality productions on mate paper and they are sent by my very precautious means. Shipping price included. A few users who already ordered prints of mine :,,...
France: 1 pour 15€, les autres à 10€ chacun.
Exemple : 4 impressions pour 15+(10*3)=45€
World: 1 at 25$ and the others at 15$ each.
Example : 4 prints at 25+(15*3)=70$

To contact me, you can either note me here on deviantART or send me a mail at
It is also possible for me to make posters. If interested, note me !

Thank you,
Have a merry day,

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A Pinocchio adaptation by Del Toro, Grimly... and Nick Cave ?!!
Gosh, I heard the rumour a few days ago -maybe yesterday, but the official news came upon me today, on a sunny yet staggering day :…
This is one bloody announcement to me, I am familiar with Cave's works. Excitement keeps rising in my veins, the brains ready to pop. I wish them love.

As for me now !
I got proposed to make a Willy Merry exhibition at the end of the year in Bordeaux (France) so I'm currently working on it, this is why no work has been submitted for a month or so -but expect many to show up ! I'm thinking about making a dozen for this exhibition.
Also, I will soon be producing prints (maybe POSTERS), so I'll let you know about that.

Have a merry day,
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Helluw, a few announcements to you, readers !

First, I launched a brand new blog this week, it's on Blogspot :
This blog will be the leading place concerning my works and I'm planning on updating very often so be sure you check it out regularly !

Then, as you might have noticed in the deviations, the first page of my personal project Tom Waits' Children Story is now online ! As soon as I'm over with the other pages, I will add the written story on every page.
I also intend to make a little video of the pages in order to launch it on Youtube as well.

Thank you for reading, à bientôt !

edit: Oh, something else to tell you. I now use much more the digital media. My works used to be 90% traditional, but they are now about 60% traditional and the rest digital. I will keep on defining them traditional, but I thought I should let you know.
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Greetings from my brains,

A bunch of news is available at the moment, including the cover for the children's book I've been working on for many months as well as a previsualisation of a drawing yet to come.

Comments are most welcome,
I will tell you more about things going on in a couple of weeks, when my mind vanishes from any university task.
Because I'm at college too.
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Helluw Cookies and Sugars,

I have been somehow distant from deviantART, haven't I ? Let's say there are several reasons. One of them is -as I previoulsy said- that I was illustrating Zachery Nims' children's book The Heroes in my Closet. I am now almost 100% done with polishing the book up so things over here should get a little bit.. merrier.
Indeed, mah crooked brains have been sown by God and His minions of devils as well as His Beautiful unparalleled only Angel.
Here comes a little list of what I am doing :

  • Illustrations on Tom Waits' "Children's Story" (short personal project, about 10 pages). You can find Tom Wait's great story there :…
  • Day after day quick drawings about things going through my mind. These are being worked on in a small notebook that will be scanned and put online on a blog at a later time.
  • Getting a decently marvellous website on foot.
  • Commissions that I have gently been offered to think about by some of you (and me).
  • Many other little things, such as getting shot at in the ear. Yes, it's painful.

I guess the Carnival is over for now.
Good-bye, to the next time I meet you in Heaven or Hell..!
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Helluw there #

I take a short break from my drawing table in order to let a few words crawl down here.
The children's book is still on its way, and I am now close to start painting it. However, I still do not have time to focus on personal works and my deviations come to be extremely rare. Sorry for that.
After letting down deviantART's print system that did not allow me much money, I started my own. The QUALITY gets UP and the PRICE gets DOWN.
Every print is done in high quality on excellent A4 matte paper (8.3 on 11.7 inches) and is sent on good care by my means, this is a priority for me. I make sure the prints arrive in good shape to your hands.
I only accept Euros or US Dollars. Paypal is accepted as way of payment.

Below are the prices (shipping included) :

FRANCE : Euros seulement
Quantité, 1 : 15 €
Quantité, 2 : 25 €
Pour une commande de plus de deux prints, comptez le premier à 15€, puis chaque autre à 10€.
Exemples : 3 prints = 15+10+10 = 35 € ; 4 prints = 45 €.

USA, CANADA, EU, OTHER COUNTRIES : Euros & US Dollars only
Quantity, 1 : 25 US Dollars or 20 Euros
Quantity, 2 : 40 US Dollars or 30 Euros
For a multiple prints order, the first print is 25 USD or 20 €, and each other is 15 USD or 10 € more.
Examples : 3 prints = 55 USD or 40 € ; 4 prints = 70 USD or 50 €.

Every interested person can contact me with a note or a mail at

Thank you for your time !

PS : Happy Halloween
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I have been inactive for a while now, and I blame/thank a few things for that.

First, I launched a brand new blogspace on Canalblog :
I intend on uploading it often, with all sorts of works. This should allow me to reach a wider audience and to get me to know more about introducing things.
It is in French for the moment for it also has writing purposes, but an English version might follow a large amount of visits.

A few days after that, I was offered by a man named Zach Nims to illustrate the children's book he wrote, which is called The Heroes in my Closet.
I had been thinking about it since then and as I got every required administrating-paper-thing, I am on it frow now on.
I will sure let you know about the progression.

Prints might end soon, for deviantART is such a bad place for selling.
It doesn't give the artist much money, you know. For I am no Premium Member, I can't fix the prices, and the current prices only give me a few CENTS for each drawing.

I hope you're all going merry and crazy, there's need to.

" Mankind is like dogs -not gods. Stay mad and you'll never be bitten. Dogs don't respect humility and sorrow."
Jack Kerouac

- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -

Du côté français, ça va être court. Il est juste à savoir que mon inactivité remarquée ou non est due à la création du blog dont l'adresse est ci-dessus, à mon embauche comme illustrateur pour le livre d'enfants nommé The Heroes in my Closet par Zach Nims et par mes péripéties personnelles forcément dégradantes et tellement barrées du sceau infernal de la démolition mentale créatrice.
Je vais également mettre un terme au système de prints sur deviantART, qui est une arnaque mondiale ne me permettant de ne toucher qu'une poignée de centimes par vente.
Portez-vous bien si vous êtes nobles.
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As requests came to appear throughout my gallery, the deviantPRINT option is now available for some of my previous works. To know which ones, just click on the "Prints" button next my name up there, with the bag icon.
DeviantART is for the moment settling huge price-cuts on them.
I don't know for how long so do not hesitate if you feel like buying one or two.

For the ones who are not extremely familiar with deviantART shopping, don't get frightened if you see excessive prices, it is all a presentation problem. A drawing can be cheap if you don't take any frame with it, or if you pick a rather small size and a basic paper texture.

With the money collected, I would look for tools to improve my expression capacities. It could take the shape of books, paint or even pens. I would very well thank you if you came to help me. If questions appear or if anyone wishes a drawing was made especially, just let me know.


Du côté français, sachez que les Prints sont maintenant disponibles. En cliquant sur le côté SHOP de la galerie, il est désormais possible d'acheter des impressions de haute qualité. Les prix peuvent au début paraître exhorbitant mais ce n'est qu'une question d'accessoires, de préférence ou de très haute qualité. Demandez le dessin sans cadre -frame- et les prix diminueront.
De grosses réductions sont actuellement en place, en raison de la nouveauté de l'activité.

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As I have recently been saying in comments, I am resizing my drawings in order to offer here a print option for some of them.
Being a little bit tight with money this month, I will provide it as soon as possible -certainly in a week or so-.
I have no idea if this could work out or not, but I will give it a try. I sure hope it will though, as I try my best to give you excellent quality for the drawings concerned.

There's also this new coloring technique about which I wanted to say something. It involves both traditional and digital work.
Traditional painting really came to be a pain in the brains to me, so I made up my mind and picked up black pens as shading tools. I still use acrylics, but I mainly do in order to emphasize the shading or to color a bit.
After scanning, I look in the color panel for the right tone to work with, and this is the digital part. Just this. That is why I keep on qualifying my drawings as Traditional Art, since there is but a quick computer assistance.

New drawings are to come, see you around..!

PS: if anyone here is interested in a specific drawing he would like to see as a print, just let me know.
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I decided to sum my gallery up, deleting many old drawings that are now of no interest to me -they were very bad..!

As some might have already seen, I started fanarts a week ago. Final Fantasy IX is the current theme. There are Vivi and Quina in the main gallery, and poor Zidane in the scraps.

I am also on my way to make another story, such as I did with I will Remember You.
I think I am now skilled and wise enough to create another work. It would be this time a less short and a tad more complex story. The plot is not yet completely done.

I hope you are doing great and crazy, and I thank you for the six thousand visits. -now more-.
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I haven't submitted anything lately, again.
I want to improve the drawings' emotion, first. To really focus on the right colors to use, the right lines to draw, the right expression to follow.. This reminds me how it is good to illustrate.

So, I don't have anything to show tonight but as one in on the finish line, it should come in a couple days or weeks now. Studies are boring, nothing prevents me from it.

Good Night~

Edit: So as to prove my will to draw again, here's in the recent submitions a glimpse of my new work =)

Edit: Sorry, I screwed up the drawing with the painting, once more. I need one of this digital things, I think only that will help. I don't feel good, never felt for years, and I am now loosing this one thing that made me proud.
It's a fuckin' world we live in.

Edit2: Actually, on the road again! I'm learning from my failures and am handling back the painting at last. It will be different from what I was looking for in the first place, but I guess that's usual.
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Time for Fall

Wed Nov 5, 2008, 8:26 AM
Rainy day here in Bordeaux, quiet home for my brains.

I haven't submitted much for a few months, and I apologize to those who care about what I do.
Reasons aren't several. Here are a few :
I got...
- tired
- busy
- -unfortunately- empty
- frustrated, enable to draw anything
- downhearted a few times.

Not so many artistic things came out from these, but some are quite interesting.
From an ironicly horrible circumstance, I might go to Paris' Youth Litterature Meeting at the end of this month of November, in order to meet publishers. It would be amazing if this turned right.

Anyway, that's all I have to say for now, I'm quite tired and might go to sleep.
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