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Pandemonium originated from the city of demons in "Paradise Lost" and it was referenced in many fantasies. I am depicting it in a Penrose triangular structure, a paradox shape, and made the scenery empty of inhabitants except for the female. I am done with this work of art but I may come back to this idea and make more.

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This is visually appealing as well as interesting. I love the contrast between the reds and the blue-greens. You show great technique with perspective and the figure is so beautiful and simply fits right into the image. I love the vastness of this piece, the way as though if the figure were to fall it would be a bottomless pit. I'm not quite sure I can find anything wrong with it. Its such a tasteful piece I don't see why every one should have this in their favorites. I feel that it is rather amazing as it is and I hope you keep up the great work! :]
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Perspective and the colours are lovely on this. I do have a hang up on the figure's hair, in particular the lighting on the hair; everything about her is smooth and beautifully shaded, but then the finishing on the hair is almost jarring by how bright and stark the lines are. Just a touch of blending to take away the sharpness would help in my opinion. Otherwise the lighting is very nicely achieved.
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This is an intresting piece. Technically it's very well done, the colours are pretty nice too. Only minus I can find on this creation is the white light in the upper right allmost corner, it kinda disturbs the eye and simply doesn't really fit in ( In my opinion). The idea/story/concept behind the artwork is good, which makes it better as whole.
Good work with the shadows! they look natural. Very nice piece of art :)
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Thanks. Well if I did it again I my have the sun dimmed down. However, I like the sun as it helps make the place seems uninviting. :)
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The colors work so well here and I love the perspective. Great piece.
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Thanks :) The perspective was tricky.
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Nice stylistic architecture, looks uh-mazin
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Thanks it took some time to get everything in line but then it worked. I may do a painting of this. As of now this is a vector as it helped me get the geometry at pinpoint accuratessy. I am hoping to paint that like Horrified.
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I love the perspective of this picture. :+fav:
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Thanks, I put a lot of time into it. :)
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and it definitely shows
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WOOOOW The colors are brlliant !!!
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You're very Welcome ! :huggle:
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Does have the quality of one of those discomforting dreams and another that likes both your choices of color and pov.
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Very interesting piece, I especially like the sun's glare.
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I am glad you like it. :D
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Nice perspective!
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