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New World of Darkness Cosmology Map drawing

This is like the older one I did but more themed and the writing has a easier font to read.

This is just my interpretation and illustration what the new world of darkness.

I would like to give credit to

:icondarthmaiden: For the texture

The books that inspired me were Geist the Sin Eater Book of the dead; Mage the Awakening especially Summoners, Astral Realms and Intruders, Changling the Lost and more.
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I really think, when I look at it, that your work is very good.
I've been playing WoD almost ten years by now and never found a Cosmology map who merged a practical explanation with an artistic view in the same way yours does. Ive seen cosmoly maps for both, old and new World of Darkness and, let me tell you, yours is not one of the best, is the BEST I've ever seen. Not even some D&D cosmology maps can compare to it, at least in my opinion.
Although the model is a very simple one, you mix very well the colors and font type to give it a ver occultist feeling, almost as if it was a real map.
Simply loved it.
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I’m confused, is this D&D or not?
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No this is the New World of Darkness. Another RPG under another publisher (White Wolf).

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Personally I think that Arcadia belongs closer if not within the lower depths based on some of the behaviors of the entities within it.  It acts like the shadow of the Supernal Arcadia, but warped and twisted and... wrong.  It's a realm of time and fate, where reality is determined by contractual arrangements not by the natural forces of the Supernal.  Supernal Arcadia's inferior Arcana is Forces, and without forces in the Changeling Arcadia they'd need to substitute it with something else, contracts.  Thankfully fate can provide that, but it means that reality is dependent on those contracts, not any objective fundamental forces.

There's a few things I feel supports this:

Mages in the Hedge find magic less potent and less reliable, similar to what is described from the Lower Depths.
The Gentry seem unusually interested in Mages, and drain them of their supernal understanding and mana leaving a pathetic shell called an Unmade as all that remains left to haunt the Hedge till it expires.
The Realm of Arcadia itself doesn't like mages, and will not obey or listen to them, such as what you might expect of the Lower Depths.
The creatures of the lower depths go to the material to feed on mana and souls to sustain themselves.  Glamour is called a "strange mix of mana and essence" and it's the thing that the Gentry cannot produce themselves which is why they abduct humans to twist into changelings.
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Thanks for some insight.  When they added more books I know some of my stuff is getting more outdated.  It may be fun to go through some more forms to see were some of the new things may take place.  The map is perhaps not the most accurate but the best I could come up with the knowledge I have.

The Arcadia idea may make some sense as there is a gateway to the underworld to Arcadia as well.  And the underworld is also close to the Lower Depths.
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Nothing I said was actually confirmed (As is the nature for everything in Chronicles of Darkness), I just made these observations since I play and enjoy both Mage and Changeling.
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Well it is in the air but with all the new books I sometime would like to catch up on them if I can.  I also like Mage I never got into Changeling but I am yet to read the entire book.  I finished Vampire, Mage, Geist, and Hunter.  I like Geist as the underworld seem like a lot of potential of explorations.  I may sometime make another but as of now I feel a little behind on what the cosmology is like with all the new books.
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I have a big question; What is god exactly? Is he everything and nothing at the same time? Is he an all powerful being that is scattered throughout time and space?
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Don't know.  God is left as a mystery in the new World of Darkness.  When you get higher on entities ranks it becomes more a debate.  The biggest problem with the God you are looking for is you cannot prove or disprove its existence even in mysticism and metaphysics.  How can you prove or disprove an entity that is all powerful scattered throughout space and time, or everything or nothing at the same time?  How can you isolate it to see the difference from a setting with it and without it with the description you describe.  When a miracle happens was it from the GOD or just a god or just luck?  And God as in yahweh perhaps is the almighty, or just a smaller deity pretending to be the "alpha or omega."  The old world of Darkness has more accounts of yahweh playing critical roles like vampire and demon as it more biblical, and global but the new world of darkness is more existential and local with very little accounts of this entity. So my best answer is don't know.

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But maybe -just maybe, this is a guess- this new world of darkness is the mind of this "god" itself!
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A very mysterious entity... I guess you have a point...
Nicely presented. I'm just getting into WoD via Changeling. I started glancing at some Mage tidbits since I was contemplating a sorcery-loving Changeling who traded for the eyes of a shaman-like Fae. That's when I started getting confused by all the various realms mentioned on top of those from the other settings. I'm glad they're all essentially optional, but it's still nice seeing someone fit so many of them together.

And, of course, having those unknown realms out there leaves room for all those homebrew horrors Storytellers can dream up.
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Yes the cosmos is tricky as it is hyper-dimensional.  And Arcadia from both Mage the Changeling would see tricky as it can be two of the same realms or different realms.  I played Mage more than the others.

Also, glad you liked it :)
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Friggin' stellar map, but I'm curious: what's the ET thingie out in deep space?
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Extraterrestrial, another planet or on the moon.
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Is this a thing in the actual WoD canon or was that just a thing you threw in?

Yes I'm super desperate for mish-mashing my sci-fi with my fantasy :v
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It's a thought I had.  But they did have some incidents landing on the moon.  One was finding the angel of death (in the core rule book of nwod "Pain prophet") and the other was freeing the idigam to the world (from the werewolf series).
Hi we would like to use portions of this image in a document for out World of Darkness club, the document won't be publicly published, but this was so good we didn't see a need to reimagine it for our own uses.

We're wondering with proper attribution, wether we could we make use of this image with modification.
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Feel free to use it for your group.  :)

And if you doing any modification, please share it with me if you can :)
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You'll need to update this again once Beast: The Primordial comes out; according to the draft posted for the Kickstarter, the Primordial Dream (whence come the inner Horrors that make the Begotten what they are) is between the Temenos and the Dreamtime.
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I may but do not have figure my budget.  There are a lot of books I would like to have from the World of Darkness.

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now this is such a very well drawn gaming detail map drawing ! it has a easy to read circle chart and all the places , things , etc. all labeled inside there bubble labels , nice work !
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Thanks.  I may need to get into some cartography for fantasy.  :)
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