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In January 19 2012 a group known as anonymous has shut down many group in support of the shut down of Megaupload. They shut down many acting unions and Hollywood sites. But they also did something risky they shut down the FBI sits.

A lot of you will probably be not know weather to admire there bravery or frown on there foolishness. The FBI will most likely stop at nothing to hunt them down. But it may be more than a show of skill. It may be a message of one let see how you like being shut down, two you do not own the internet and three we can evenly mach you.

I have some mixed feeling about this however. As much as I do not approve of the shut down of Megaupload. I not confident if what anonymous tactics will work. We may see what message they are sending but some gov official do not see it that way and this can be an escalating cyber war. Only time will Tell.

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Anonymous, indeed a quite interesting group and a symbol.

You are going on a right way in terms how the work is executed. Charcoal and pastel or chalk on toned paper is a good classical way of drawing, really love this technique.

In terms of drawing construction, I personally would like if it were more detailed. Palm doesn't read quite well, can't see thumb, it blends with background. Overall this would be great for half finished work, but in my opinion it's only 50% ready.
About shading. All shadows and all lights are too similar. Next time try to make one place that's lighter than everything for example the bridge of the nose and the same with darkest place else, usually the "deepest" or "closest" place in work, in this case it might be finger.

Overall. Great work, good technique and most important of all good thought behind the work.

In cyber space organizations, groups like anonymous have a great impact and they can truly make a difference. Thing that I am mostly scared of, that it may make an opposite reaction and we may loose all our freedom in virtual space. I can only hope, that we win this war.