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Ubuntu Mockup Hardy Heron

By willwill100
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Ubuntu needed some serious work on its interface, here are my contributions, but what does everyone think?
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The bets Folders ever
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Gnome shell with Plank on top.
Very nice!!!!
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awesome job!!!!
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Too much rounded corners for my tastes.
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Hello, how can you make this mockup? I wanna create some mockup. Can you share the tutorial?
So.. I've been doing some application interface stuff in private for a while now, will release the stuff soon on DA and then ill try and get some tutorials going for you!

Mockups are really fun, you just need a few tricks up your sleeve and there's not much to it.

I'll be posting soon.
All the best :)
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Oh, thank you...
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Lovely one, how have you done this?
Thanks!! Just some work I did in Photoshop ages ago - i think there are some nice ideas here which could do with a bit of updating. All the best, w
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I like your nautilus theme!
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Look very nice !
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Really sweet. I freaking want that dock. Would you be able to point me towards where I could find it? :)
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Very very interesting, and stunning.
wooww , good job mate
but how i can use this on my desktop :(
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I think its awesome! Brings a cosy feel to desktop
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Liking that concept you got there :) The only thing I would part with is the top bar where the close, minimize and maximize icons are. It's a little too big, but other than that, I would support the concept :D
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cool.... I like it
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how can I set that bottom panel?!
I m newbie to Ubuntu, I have installed 10.10 only yesterday :-)
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It's called a Dock. Look for "Docky" in Ubuntu Software Center
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Thank you very much :D
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I think Lucid has a lot of improvements along these lines, but more than just the looks- the functionality has exceeded this with the indicators, I think.
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