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Interpid Ibex Mockup Part 2

By willwill100
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This is a mockup for the new Ubuntu release Intrepid Ibex. If you like the designs please please email the Ubuntu design team to try to get a move on with moving Ubuntu into the 21st century. If you don't like some of the things on the design, please comment, i feel moving these kind of designs needs be a real community effort.

Youtube - live version of part implementation: [link]
*** Want this desktop?!?? Find resources below :)***
So basically, people have been commenting about a) how they want to use this theme and b) how it's infeasible which i find a little silly really, since i've been using it for a while now and im quite happy to use it so I thought i would share with you. Enjoy

GTK Theme:

Login Screen:
(Thanks to DanRabbit)


Avant Window Manager (Available in Repositories)

Search Utility:
GnomeDo (Available in Repositories or here:[link])

PSD Source file:

Okay.. I wasnt too happy with my emerald theme part of the mockup so at the moment im just using a vista theme :0 but it looks pretty lush so i thought i would link.

Emerald Theme:


Vote for this theme here: [link]


This is part 2 of 3 (featuring a modified GnomeDo)

PART 1: [link]
General Screen

PART 3: [link]
Login Screen

The clock on the right is from Screenlets, the dock is AWN, application in middle is GnomeDo, the music updater box on the right is only a mockup, hope that can keep you going for the moment!

Full size 1680x1050 available on download.

# Music Screenlet (which supports Songbird)
# Sleek GnomeDo Theme
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Is it posible to make it work in Ubuntu 12.04 (with GNome 3.4)? Because I was willing to test it in Ubuntu 12.04 but Ubuntu Tweak does not recognices it and for what I read it is not supported for what I explained :'(
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Very clean, and aesthetically pleasing. I like it.
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I m working on it... it will be alive soon as a shell pack for windows 7.
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really, really beatifull *-*
The-H-Man's avatar
my only complaint is that it just feels like a mac copy, although i do like it
vestit's avatar
well there is already a desktop like this.. it's calles mac os :)
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hi. This is beautiful. Thanks man. I've been wanting to switch to a reliable OS for a long time and after seeing this, I will try Ubuntu. Thanks!
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how could i do something like that?
rainbow-umicorn's avatar
how do you have photoshop for linux :o
Tisinullsio's avatar
everything is clean, you can find all quickly, I enjoy it!
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I love the mockup. In fact when I have time I will have to try and get this onto my Linux Mint... I think if we can make a FOSS icon set that looks a bit more like the Aqua Apple icons... it would look very good. I suppose the new growl (notification system) actually looks better because the yellow doesn't really fit.

Thanks a lot
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I need to know where I can find that plywood background. please help
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its one of my deviations...
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... why do i run on vista :(
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lol because you suck (jk =P ) looks a lot like a mac. not completely but its similar. have you seen the new kubuntu? its pretty nice.
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looks amazing...
psyrix's avatar
Luv it, if wut your saying there is no screenlet for that now playing. I'll have to see if i can figure one out. cause i like it
willwill100's avatar
ive act already made a skin for the now playing screenlet but it doesnt interface with songbird which is what i really want
psyrix's avatar
luv it,
# Music Screenlet (which supports Songbird)
# Sleek GnomeDo Theme"
from wut your saying, there is no screenlet....
i'll have to see if i can figure one out
cause i like that now playing desing
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crystal clear brilliant visual experience. congratz.
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