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Interpid Ibex Mockup Part 1



This is a mockup for the new Ubuntu release Intrepid Ibex. If you like the designs please please email the Ubuntu design team to try to get a move on with moving Ubuntu into the 21st century. If you don't like some of the things on the design, please comment, i feel moving these kind of designs needs be a real community effort.

NOTE: This is part 1 of 3

PART 2: [link]

PART 3: [link]
Login Screen

The clock on the right is from Screenlets, the dock is AWN, media player is Songbird, the music updater box on the right is only a mockup, hope that can keep you going for the moment! Icons are MicroIcons Credit: [link]

Full size 1680x1050 available on download.
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Dude, this would make such an awesome distro