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Celtic Cross Tattoo Bre's

By willsketch
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I've had many people ask to use my design, Celtic Cross Tattoo, found here, [link] all of which I turned down. Until this one. I really don't know why I said yes, but I did. Upon seeing how beautiful the tattoo was, I decided to allow others to use the design if they wish, so long as they follow a couple stipulations:

1. You must pay to use the design.
2. You cannot use the design as is, the tattoo artist must add something to the design to make it unique. Or I could do this for you, although it will increase the price.
3. You cannot use any previously used designs as a tattoo, or even a basis for your tattoo. (i.e. You cannot take this picture and just get this design, with say, I don't know, a halo around the top of the cross, or a scroll at the base with someone's name or initials)

Please abide by these rules, anything else just isn't Kosher.
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Celticwitch21's avatar
i love it! gives me the feeling of pride in my celtic heritage:)
greg723's avatar
robmil1969's avatar
just love the art work, the cross and the wings work beautifully together and the blending of image and colour/fading is awesome.
Could you let me no how much you would charge for the image and what you would charge to put a birth date in roman numerals to it... Thanks
BrokenHallelujahs's avatar
Incredible. I like how soft the wings look compared to the cross.
hero2142's avatar
that is just gorgeous tattoo
Murderdoll-69's avatar
Wow thats amazing! One of the gorgeous cross tattoo's i've seen.
I love all the details and shadings, how the cross is justified. And the wings look that wonderful, they really fit to the cross.
Great work, awesome design and good that it's black and white..the details in the cross look kinda silver and the whole tattoo is stunning.
hippiechick6979's avatar
sweet tatt. beautiful shading on the wings.. very impressive
I know, I was really pleased with the tattoo artists wings.
btw i love it....
also how much would you say a tat like that would run? about the same size.
I have no clue. Ironically, I've never gotten one myself. Not that I haven't wanted to, I just never seem to have the money, forever paying bills it seems.
first rule says pay to use the design....but how much is that?
See my note I sent.
CorydonCelt's avatar
Your knotwork is exceptional. Attention to detail, superb. I have never seen a celtic cross that was more beautiful. Bravo!
Thank you, I'm glad you appreciate it.
CrisCeltic's avatar
How long did it take and where you able to do it in one sit?
I don't know how long it took, but I do believe she had it done in one sitting.
SweepingRose's avatar
I've been searching for months for a celtic cross design for a tattoo, and this is by far the best I've seen so far. I really like it! How much would it be to use your design? I have a few ideas to change it around so it won't be completely like the original, as you said in the description. But please let me know how much you are asking, I would love to use this design.
See my note I sent you.
Hey dude.. first i want to say that i love your design., i really think it is one of the best celtic cross tattoos i have ever seen.. which leads to my question.. you said that we are allowed to use it as like.. basic design if we modify it right? i have some ideas to modify it, and i was wondering, how much to do want, to give a permission to use your design.. i wanted it on my lower leg.. and i've had it in mind for like half a year now xD.. so i just wanted to check on how much it was, if i decided that i wanted to get one..
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