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Whoa, come with me now

so excited for Borderlands pre-sequel. Also, this is the least terrible human drawing I've ever done. I'm happy

It's Axton and Hal, from bonuspart's Borderlands fanfic, 'From Hell':…
I recommend it!!!!
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Bry-Sinclair's avatar
A very sweet scene beautifully drawn.
WillowWhiskers's avatar
Thank you so much <3
bonusparts's avatar
Ah, it's gorgeous! They are gorgeous!

Your anatomy skills are impressive. The pose is very realistic, and their bodies look beautiful. Thanks so much for devoting this effort to my boys! :D
WillowWhiskers's avatar
I'm glad you like <3 It went smoothly! so it was really fun to work on
was supposed to be more tousled sleeping, would up more... just.... peaceful and nudity oriented. XD  I needed the practice drawing human bodies
bonusparts's avatar
No worries about that! They are beautiful. I've got a screenshot saved on my phone so I can look at then when I'm in the need of good feelings. <3
WillowWhiskers's avatar
awwww ;o;
btw I'm a bastard and I read a bunch of chapters in a row of your story without commenting yet.    >.>    <.<     >.>    <.<

soon. tomorrow. ish.
Unbreakable-Warrior's avatar
Oh wow "the least terrible human drawing??" That's amazing; that's what you should call it ;u;
WillowWhiskers's avatar
awww, omg, thank you ;o; That is so sweet of you to say..
Unbreakable-Warrior's avatar
Pffft xD Just thought you should know that 'cuz it's true :P
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