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Burning In Hell - Prologue
Sam looked up from his book to see his little brother standing at the door to his bedroom, his face distorted by the flickering lamp, and sandy white-blonde hair looking brown in the dull light. He sat up and set the book in his lap and smiled. "Hiya, kiddo," he greeted, his low and husky voice the polar opposite of Pat's higher-pitched vocals. "What's up?"
Pat lingered in the doorway, seemingly unsure. "Can I come in?" he asked, his voice trembling slightly, making Sam instantly alert.
"Of course you can," he said, holding out an arm. "C'mere, kiddo."
Pat was still for another second, before he ran across the room and launched himself at his older brother. Sam was surprised at the sudden weight, but quickly adjusted. He was used to his little brother's need of affection, and he didn't particularly mind - not that he'd admit that to any of his classmates. They were all at the ever-judging age of 16, making Pat 12, four years younger. Pat still acted like a little child when it c
:iconwillow0angel:Willow0Angel 0 0
Burning In Hell - Cover by Willow0Angel Burning In Hell - Cover :iconwillow0angel:Willow0Angel 1 2 Through the Trees by Willow0Angel Through the Trees :iconwillow0angel:Willow0Angel 2 0 Bird Through a Window by Willow0Angel Bird Through a Window :iconwillow0angel:Willow0Angel 1 1 Baa Baa White Sheep, Have You Any Wool? by Willow0Angel Baa Baa White Sheep, Have You Any Wool? :iconwillow0angel:Willow0Angel 2 0 The One They Left Behind by Willow0Angel The One They Left Behind :iconwillow0angel:Willow0Angel 3 0


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I found this on neonUFO 's profile and thought I'd do it, just cause I can XD

1. When did you first get into Undertale?
I didn't really get into Undertale until December 2015.

2. Where did you hear about it?
I first heard about it when one of my mates IRL started playing it in September, like, three days after it came out (he would NOT stop talking about it, and I kinda brushed it off). But I started REALLY getting into it when jacksepticeye started playing it on his channel, and I'm ashamed I didn't really listen to my mate when he was playing it XD

3. How many playthroughs have you completed already (and what routes)?
I've completed one True Pacifist route, but that one was ALMOST a Pacifist Neutral, as I nearly forgot to go hang with Undyne =P

4. What is your favorite fan theory?
Honestly my favourite is the one that MatPat made a video about over on the Game Theorists channel, which links Undertale with EarthBound, another AWESOME game. It's hard to explain, so I'll let you watch it here.

5. Who is your favorite character and why?
This is a touch one, because I love ALL of the characters for something, even Chara in a way (please don't ask). But my favourites would have to be Sans and Papyrus.

6. What would you do upon falling into the Underground (assume you know nothing about it)?  
I'd be all like "WTF DUDE" and run around like a headless chook trying to figure out what was going on.

7. What part of the game scared you the most?
I was on edge throughout the WHOLE of the True Lab, and I was practically shaking. Even Omega Flowey didn't live up to that creepy-ass place, good god.

8. What part of the game did you like the best?
Dude, you want me to pick ONE? My favourite part of Undertale is the WHOLE FUCKIN' GAME! I love it to bits, and I can't pick one part over all the others because every single scene, every character you meet is just as important as the rest.
The music though, WOW.

9. Is there anything about the storyline that you felt was unfinished or confusing?
Yep. From playing Pacifist and watching playthroughs of both Pacifist and Genocide (*shudders*, I hate talking about that - TOO BAD FOR ME, I'M WRITING A STORY 'BOUT IT), I've really gotten most of the story. But I do have about a gazillion questions
Where the flyin' fuck did Sans and Papyrus come from? And how long have the monsters been trapped underground? Did the humans after Chara fall like, a week apart from each other, because Asgore was still king, or do monsters just live longer? And can someone PLEASE explain W. D. Gaster to me???

10. Sans or Papyrus?
Oh god, I love them both equally.
Papyrus because he's just the precious cinnamon roll that loves spaghetti that I needed in my life, and because of his personality. He's so upbeat despite being trapped in the underground, and he can fucking look a MURDERER in the eye and say, "I believe in you. You can do better." That made me cry. PAPY IS TOO GOOD FOR THIS WORLD.
Sans because he's normally a really chill dude that loves jokes and puns, but when the time calls for him to be serious, hoo boy can he be serious, especially at the end of Genocide. Sans is a lot like me, actually. We are twin souls, I swear to whichever god you may or may not believe in.

11. What puzzle did you find the hardest?
Haha, the little shoot-the-square puzzles that we had to do with Alphys were pretty hard. And the big whooshy-whoosh section with the arrows in Hotland? It took me TEN MINUTES to figure that out.

12. If you could cosplay any character, who would you cosplay?
Sans, Frisk or Chara. My mate Tayne (mentioned above) want to go to OzComicCon in a couple of years with me dressed as Sans and him as Papyrus.

13. You are stuck in a room with one of the characters with no visible way out; assume that there is a way to leave, but you’d have to work together to figure it out. Who would you want to be stuck with and why? (Reasons being teleportation and timeline jumping doesn’t count as an effective way out, either! That’s too easy!)
Sans, because I think he and I could work together to logic our way out. He seems to be a lot smarter than he acts, and I like to think I'm pretty good at figuring stuff out, so I think we'd be good. Besides, he'd be telling jokes non-stops, I'll be entertained for a while XD

14. Would you smooch a ghost?
Only if it's a female ghost AMIRITE ;)
Eh. I'm not really one for smooching, but I would hug the ghost, especially if it was Blooky.
Wait, can you even hug ghosts???

15. Assume you could only taste one of the following: Papyrus’s spaghetti, Toriel’s butterscotch-cinnamon pie, Grillby’s burgers and fries, Nice Cream, or a Glamburger. Which one would you taste?
I am really curious about Tori's pie. I'm not really a pie-eater, because it doesn't really agree with my stomach, but I'd love to try it sometime anyway :D Some vanilla ice-cream will hopefully help my stomach XD

16. Which cousin is your favorite– Blooky, Meta, or Mad Dummy?
Meta and Mad Dummy are cool in their own ways, but Blooky is such a gentleman. I love Blooky <3

17. Out of all the locations in the game, where would you rather live?
Around Undyne and the Skelebros, duh.

18. What is your favorite track from the game?
Well fuck. How the heck do I pick ONE??? But hey, I'll tell you my top ten, in no particular order (tbh this is just the order I remember them in) :
1. Bonetrousle
2. Ghostfight
3. Spear of Justice
4. Spider Dance
5. Megalovania
6. Home (both versions)
7. sans.
8. Once Upon a Time
9. Hopes and Dreams
10. Determination

19. Out of all the monsters shown, what kind of monster would you want to be?
Bro, I'm a human. No offense to monsters, but I'd like to stay a human.

20. Do you think if you had to go through the True Lab yourself, you would be able to do it? Or would you chicken out?
Well, I guess there's honestly no choice other than to find your way through it. During the game you're completely alone as you go through the True Lab, so I've done it before, and I was creeped af. But still, my Determination would keep me going through.

21. Do you look at buttercups a completely different way now?
Well, sort of. I grew up around Melbourne, so there weren't any buttercups around. But even where I live now, a country town in the middle of everywhere and nowhere, there aren't any buttercups growing. But my Gran's a big gardener and she grew buttercups once to see if they would actually grow (they didn't last long), and she told me that they were poisonous. So I guess my view on them doesn't really change, but from now until forever I'm going to think of Undertale when I see them, haha XD

22. Junior Jumble or crosswords?
Crosswords are easier, bro.

23. Who is your least favorite character and why?
I actually don't have a least favourite character.

24. Do you have any headcanons?
I don't have any headcanons for the game, but I have a few as to what would happen post-pacifist and what happens to the monsters after they die a natural death, and I'm kinda in the process of writing one about the Skelebros [SPOILERS] (pls read).

and last, but not least…

25. Did you cry?

Fuck yeah.



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G'day, guys! My name is Willow Angel! Nice to meet you!
I'm a hobbyist writer and drawer, but I also like playing around with makeup and photography from time to time. I also have my own YouTube channel! :D
I'm not really looking to make my writing a career right now, but I enjoy doing it all the same! I'm a big fanfiction and fiction writer, so please expect to see some of that :P
Well, my socially awkward self is lost for words, so I'll see you guys around! Bye~


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