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Be Still Your Beating Heart (With Text)


Love Letters from the Crypt
For my Valentine on

Come play with us.
There’s a total of 800 Points hidden behind random numbers

The creepiness will set in,only if you read until the end.

And so.... We shall begin.

Be still your beating heart, that I clutch in my hand.
I feel the thrum-- A pulsing drum;
Just like our love began.

Bleeding red, I do not wish you dead.
But in my head... in my bed...
With closed eyes I shut out the worlds dread.
For when I lift my lids, all will be born again.

Hell's fire blazing blue, I could not help but fall in love with you.
But love is tricky, you blood crimson and sticky.

You hung a noose around my heart. I never ever wanted to be apart.
But like a statue carved of stone, romance can be chilling to the bone.
So I stole a stab and made you forever mine. I took your heart in kind.

It wasn't yours to begin with. 
Really it was my gift.
So for that I will make it swift.
I shall die tomorrow; But you will die to-day. 
That is the way of love, and that is all I have to say.

hank you ahead of time for any and all faves! I appreciate everyone support. You are all an Inspiration!

Stock Credits-- THANK YOU!
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Textures:Metal Rust Texture 21Showna-Stock Cracked Bench 2Black Cobwebstexture

Anything else used is from my own personal stock collection

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Very spooky...