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Pathfinder: Lucien Thrune

Character art for Pathfinder Adventure Path #99 "Dance of the Damned"

I was reading "The Way of Kings" by Brandon Sandersen, while I was working on this design. The overall look of the armor is similar to how I imagine the "shard-plate" in that novel.
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I'm looking for artists and writers for a comic book idea for kickstart. Also, do you do commission
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Holy shit, this is amazing! This is the perfect example of how I like heavy armor design... Other than the medals, everything is exactly how I like it! This is so rare to find, thank you for making this!
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I just love the sleek, hard-edged look of his armor. And the effect of the flames - excellent use of lighting effect.
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Looks like a cool idea fo shardplate. I'm just curious how they got the medals stuck on the armor.

"Now my Lord, if you just hold still",  *WHANG* "I'll have this last medal," *WHANG* "hammered in," *WHANG* ", in no time at all."  *WHANG*"
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Medieval magnets perhaps? 
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That is Bad. Ass. !!!
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That looks like just the guy I want to stand between me and a raging ogre! :laugh:
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Very good picture. I love it ^^
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