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AnyWho 12 - Justice


Russell T. Davies you are a cruel, cruel man.

I won't go into any spoilerific details to explain this comic, but trust me when you see the episode it'll make sense.

And try and keep the comments spoiler-free please. :)
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You mean when they made it look like the Doctor was going to regenerate only for him to deus ex machina it in the first few minutes of the very next episode?
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I love the little TARDISes. (TARDISI?) around his head....

I wish Journey End had ended differently.... especially for a specific friend of the Doc's.... *Sniff*
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Packs of TARDISES are called ‘TARDISI’ and cannot be separated of will kill everyone. They use to frolick on a planet called Gallifrey.

i don’t know but it sounds good
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And Children of Earth. Jerk. :shakefist:
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Hi, we discussed this comic in episode 4 of the Bridging the Rift podcast [link]
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Awesome! Thanks for the mention, great podcast as well :)
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Thanks and you're welcome :D
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True that!!!!! GRRR!!
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Thanks for saying the needed to be said.
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LMAO! Thank you for that!
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You have no idea how much I've wanted to do that...XD
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Hell yes! :shakefist: Thank you!
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Completely true X(
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I am in complete agreement here :)
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well deserved, but there are upcoming cybermen action!
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I imagine some people might have RTD's image on punching bags and then take great delight in hitting them...

My method would more involve a game of Worms Armageddon.
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Exactly WHAT was wrong with The Stolen Earth?

It was possibly the only finale that was any good/
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It was the cliffhanger ending really, I didn't have a problem with the rest of it. :P
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Oh... Hang on...
You said Stolen Earth didn't you?

Sorry, I thought you meant Journey's End. :S

I agree, I even started a thread about how angry I was, that's how angry I was. :D
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I'm probably one of the few people who was so miffed my Journey's End, but I still think it kinda sucks that the Doctor's certain friend isn't allowed to remember.
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