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override vs hotshot colors

from lineart i did a few months ago.
just really wanted to see this in color but i didn't want to color it. i finally just made myself color it. XD

just for those who may not know... override is the red-ish girl (yes, girl... this isn't nitro convoy) and hotshot is the blue bot trailing behind. both from transformers cybertron.
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oh yeah, i ship them. i feel like this is less a real race and more a "catch me and you get a kiss" kinda game

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I had both figures. I need to find them. Override is so awesome.

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I love these two . . .
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awesome job!!!! *_*
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thanks as always, yuki! ^^
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you're welcome dear :hug:
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Could've swore this was in my favs...must've lost it or somethin...

I still prefer Nitro myself :P
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You did good on both my fav characters!!
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thank you for making override look suitably femme !
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lol my pleasure.
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Wow! That's good! Just got into watching this series of Transformers on Youtube.
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Aww, they look like they're having loads of fun ^__^ I love the perspective and colours on this <3

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thank you so much! this is actually one of my favorite pieces but it doesn't seem to get nearly as much attention. >.< i think it was one of the first times i actually finished the colors on a background too. :D
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Aww that's a shame, gotta hate that eh? I remember I submitted a piece I had spent HOURS on and another that was a quick doodle and the doodle got more attention ^^; Funny how that works isnt it?

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it's that whole "art is subjective" thing i guess. boo to that i say!
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Hahaha something like that XDD
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your artwork is amazing
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thank you very much!
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