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Wordplay from a Seeker

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"I write screenplays. Really good ones!... I almost have an agent." - Thundercracker

For some reason, I LOVED this characterization of Thundercracker in Transformers: Robots in Disguise issue 28. Hanging out in a hangar with his dog (Buster) working on his horrible screenplays. 

Now, I'm sure he would never actually type any of this... or manually scribble down notes on a notepad... aaaand the computer, pencil, and notepad should probably be WAAAAY smaller... but whatever. This was for fun. 

The dialogue/text of "Susan Journeyer" and "Josh Boyfriend" are taken directly from the issue. :)
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MadnessJonesProfessional Writer
Hahahaha! This is hilarious, and you drew it so well! Though, now that I think about it, it kind of makes sense that Thundercracker's character names have no nuance. Transformers tend to have names that tell something about themselves (Swindle swindles people, Smokescreen makes smoke screens, Soundwave is an audiophile, etc.). Still, Josh Boyfriend! LOL! :lol: rvmp 
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DanLuna General Artist
Feels to me they kinda gave Thundercracker a little Wreck-Gar juice in him.  And that's a good thing.
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too many feels for this!
I wish I knew about this sooner but I am so lost in the comics I don't know where to start!
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I feel like this could very easily become a meme.
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WillManginHobbyist Traditional Artist
i really wish it would. lol #thundercrackerbelike
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VictoriaLoloProfessional Digital Artist
This just made him adorable.
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WillManginHobbyist Traditional Artist
lol i'm not usually into the cute factor on these guys, but... i tend to agree. :3 Thanks, Victoria!
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VictoriaLoloProfessional Digital Artist
Not adorable, like, girly cutesy junk..
Adorable like I'm more able to adore this character. xD
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WillManginHobbyist Traditional Artist
oh. well that makes more sense. lol
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SamRubioHobbyist General Artist
hahahaha I imagine something like that too, he's so adorable hahaha
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Oh my gawd I love you for this XD
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MasqueadriftHobbyist Digital Artist
This is fucking perfect! *cackles*
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SomvoldHobbyist Traditional Artist
Amazing job as always for sure.
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LadyClassicalHobbyist Digital Artist
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KrisSmithDWHobbyist Digital Artist
Amazing LOL
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:'D Ahaha yeah, his screenplays are awesome :D
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Keep up the good work, Thundercracker! :)
I cracked up when I saw that.
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Ha-HeePrimeHobbyist Traditional Artist
THAT FACE!!! This made my day. Thanks for sharing!
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This characterization of Thundercracker is precious.
And he has a dog, everything is perfect.
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ArwingPilot114Hobbyist General Artist

This comic keeps getting better and better. XD
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Coconut-JaguarHobbyist General Artist
I do agree..they ARE horrible xD

I think, the notepad is, perspective-wise, not correct. But it's the only thing I noticed.
All in all, it's one awesome drawing! =3

Kind of sad. In G1 there was a scene more true to his character, but that scene never
made it in the show and got deleted :/
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WillManginHobbyist Traditional Artist
oh yeah. that note pad is pretty horrible. lol not to mention the lighting from the monitor. but over all i'm ok with all that. :D thanks, red!
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