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Yours Truly Again

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Taken August 4, 2020

Modeled after this photo of another black man soundcloud.com/joel-e-johnson His name might be Joel E. Johnson I found the man's photo intriguing and decided to try to copy it using my own face!

This one was harder to do though, I took so many pictures but just couldn't seem to get it right! I decided to settle on this one for now but I may try again later on, but no the man I modeled my photo after looks so much better and pulls it off better than I do, although I gotta say he does look a little scary! I don't know if he's younger or older than I am.

I also plan to draw a black male cartoon character with this pose, okay no need to guess, I want to make this one Loud House - Clyde has a case of boogie fever. Yep, my little friend Clyde McBride! 

These are all the selfies I'm going to post of myself for now, but there should be more, especially pictures of me with cartoon characters in them!

Absolutely no permission granted to anyone to use these photos, please do not repost these elsewhere! Well, given this picture was modeled after another man's picture, I might give permission but please ask me first and give no one else permission to use this, all permissions must come directly through me! If however Mr. Johnson, if that's his name, has a problem with me copying his photo with mine, I'll take it back down.
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im hapy yuov finaly build confidenc 2 post picturs of who yuo ar! im vry hapy fro yuo!

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Thanks, although now I'm regretting doing this since some people have used my photos without my permission and now my enemies know what I look like, so I may have just put myself in danger, why I've been hesitating to do so.

Notwithstanding this, I am happy that you're ☺! I do want to try this picture again, I see where I went wrong with this picture, I rose my rose my eyebrows when I should have left them down!

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look me


Name : Muhammad Rayhan Ramadhan

Age : 13

Religion : Muslim

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Nice photo here!

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You look just like Joel E Johnson!

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