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''Ya Put Your Whole-Self In''

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Taken August 4, 2020

Another pic of me, only you get to see almost my whole body, except for what I cover with my clothes! But this is a full-body photo of me, almost since my left foot is hiding behind my suit case!

You also get to see how tall I am, and how fat I am, gotta shed some of that but not too much! I'm 5' 11" so I'm not the tallest, and I don't care, I like that others are taller than I am! Unlike Skee-Lo, I don't wish I was a little bit taller, nor do I wish I was a baller nor had a girl (if I did I'd have to call her!) I do wish I had a (literal) rabbit, but not in a hat or with a bat, and I have no clue what an Impala is (probably a car!)rabbit grin I did want to be taller, but as high as the door-frame, but now I'm glad I'm as short as I am!

That gray thing in the background hanging on my wall, that's a shirt my grandmother or one of her friends made for and gave to me when I was 5 years old. And yes that's a railroad crossing signal, based on those toy crossing signals with the red and green lights. That was given to me in honor of my first Amtrak train ride at the time!

To take this photo, I sat this on either my floor or something leaning against my wall set the timer and rushed back to get into position!

Absolutely no permission to anyone to use this photo of me! Please do not use!

Selfy, Selfie, Face-Reveal
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Cool picture, you look taller, probably just the way it’s shot

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You're dressed just like Demetre. Cool!

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That was the plan. And I like myself in brown. I like everyone else in white but I feel more comfortable wearing brown!. Other blacks look good in it too. I just have my personal preferences. In my opinion, blacks look better in brown than whites and whites look better in whites than blacks, but that's just me, I know most everyone is gonna disagree with me on that! :D 8-)

But yeah, I dressed myself like Demetre on purpose and I dressed him after myself!

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I wouldn't say that's true. But now I know where you got the idea for Demetre's outfit from!

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You look great! Nice to see you smiling big in all your pics!

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